How to protect your Firm’s Physical Assets

The number of active business start-ups in the UK is continuing to rise, thanks primarily to a reduction in the amount that it costs to establish a business venture. Advancements in technology and marketing have removed many of the barriers to entry that facing aspiring entrepreneurs, while also making it cheaper to own and operate a functional business.

With this in mind, it is easier for small and individual businesses to protect their physical assets in 2013, from their core commercial office to the storage facilities where product-orientated ventures hold stock. This is critically important, as failing to safeguard your assets is the equivalent of discarding any previous investment that you have made.

How to protect your Firm’s Physical Assets

So what practical steps can you take to protect your businesses physical assets and the initial investment that you have made in your commercial venture: –

  • Invest in Wholesale Alarms for your Premises: Whether you own one or several commercial buildings, it is imperative that these are protected from the threat of fire, damage and theft. The latter is particularly important, as beyond the lease cost of your buildings you must also consider the underlying value of the contents held within. To adequately safeguard your properties without spending outside of your means, you should invest in wholesale electrical alarms that will serve as a deterrent for thieves and help to alert the police to any attempted break-in. Suppliers such as CLE Electrical boast a particularly diverse range of items, each available at discounted wholesale prices.
  • Purchase Comprehensive Insurance: Even with an alarm system and security in place, there may be occasions where the threshold of your property is breached. In this instance, it is vital that you have protected your assets with comprehensive insurance coverage, which covers both the external structure of a property and the contents held inside. Depending on the infrastructure and business model that underpins your venture, you may need to invest in a customised insurance policy that guarantees you the best possible courage over time. This is especially true if you have high value products or buildings, as standard policies not deliver adequate protection.
  • Consider the Benefits of Asset Tracking Software: When considering your businesses physical assets, it is important to consider each individual item of stock and value it in its own right. With this in mind, investing in asset tracking software is extremely beneficial for product-orientated or distribution businesses, as it enables them to know the location of every single one of their products at any given time. When it comes to tracking orders, communicating with customers and performing internal audits, asset tracking software can potentially help your firm to save hundreds of pounds annually.

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