Housebuilder creates first Lego bedroom

Using standard and bespoke Lego bricks, mini-figures and themed accessories, Weston Homes has built the first children’s bedroom dressed entirely in Lego products.

legoWeston Homes has created the world’s first Lego-themed children’s bedroom. The brightly-coloured room, which has been created entirely out of red, black, yellow and grey Lego bricks, is on show at the company’s marketing suite for its Silverbrook development of 73 family houses in the village of Markyate in Hertfordshire.

The bedroom also features a host of Lego-themed merchandise, including a Lego lamp and Lego alarm clock.

According to Weston Homes founder and chairman Bob Weston, themed rooms are set to become a popular trend among housebuilders. “Linking in with brands such as Lego, Star Wars, Disney or other children’s products to help promote products or services to families with children is well established in the restaurant, movie-theatre and shopping mall sectors, but its in its infancy in the housebuilding industry,” he said.

“This is the first time in the UK that a major house builder has looked at themed marketing of living spaces to help sell family houses. It has worked really well, and we believe that in future house builders will do more of this themed-living space marketing to help sell homes – so that in future we may have all sorts of children, sports and other entertainment themed rooms to help promote houses and other properties to families and other purchasers.

“This is just the start of themed-space marketing,” said Mr Weston.

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