What To Consider Before Building A Warehouse

If you run a trading business then you know how important it is to keep your stock safe and secure. Securing a warehouse premise is an important task for any such firm. However if you’re looking for one then it’s vital that you find a space that meets your company’s needs. Here are a few factors to consider when seeking out the ideal warehouse.

The Basics

To find the best warehouse for your business, you need to ask exactly what it is you need it for. Analyse the features that you want from a potential space. What size warehouse do you want, and what kind of layout should it have? If it’s too big, will you end up wasting lots of space? Does it have facilities that make it accessible for Lorries and deliveries? A firm like Warehouse Storage Solutions can help you make your vision a reality. Of course another major question to ask is where you want to locate. The location must be convenient for shipping goods to your customers, so good transport links are essential.

Job Market

If you run a larger firm, you must consider whether you will be able to secure all the staff you need in whichever locale you choose to base your warehouse. Will your warehouse be based in an area where your industry already has roots? If not then you may end up lowering your chances of finding the experienced and qualified staff you need. Then it’s worth thinking about the long-term, so you can ensure you won’t outgrow the storage facilities offered too quickly. If you are a fast-growing business, you must make sure your warehouse meets not just your current needs but your likely requirements years from now.

Final Cost

The cost of your warehouse space is of course going to be an important factor in your decision, but don’t forget to consider other factors related to cost. If for example your core customer base is in a central location, find out how expensive it would be to build a warehouse there. Factor everything into your analysis before you decide where to build your new warehouse. Finally it’s also important to bear in mind planning regulations. Under English law the erection, extension or alteration of an industrial warehouse is a permitted development which doesn’t require planning permission provided it meets certain criteria. You can discuss these regulations with the appropriate authorities, and get on with finding the right space for you and your business.

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