Building contractor hits driving performance targets to make £60,000 insurance saving

February, 2015 – Breyer Group has revealed how TomTom Telematics technology and its partnership with HDI-Gerling Insurance Company has led to fleet insurance savings of £60,000 in just 12 months. The building contractor made the savings across its 200-strong fleet by using driver behaviour monitoring tools to underpin a three-year risk management programme with HDI-Gerling. Breyer Group (Large)“By meeting targets to reduce the frequency and severity of motor claims in the last 12 months, we have benefitted from a 20 per cent premium reduction,” said Breyer Group finance manager Nigel Wood. “We’ll benefit from further savings again next year if we continue to hit our performance targets.” WEBFLEET, TomTom Telematics’ fleet management platform, allows Breyer to monitor and profile the performance of its van and car drivers with data insights on incidents such as speeding, harsh braking, steering and acceleration. This information is also interpreted by HDI-Gerling that supports the service to improve driver behaviour, resulting in reduced fleet insurance costs and overall fleet operating costs. In addition, WEBFLEET provides Breyer with fuel efficiency information from the onboard diagnostics device. This combines with the risk management data to score drivers out of 10 in an Optidrive™ indicator, helping fleet managers to benchmark drivers to identify areas for improvement. “By having the tools to monitor and encourage our employees to drive more carefully, we are also successfully reducing our fuel spend, CO2 emissions, improving driver safety and our duty of care to our workforce,” Nigel added. Breyer is using the system operationally to allocate the most appropriate contractors to jobs, optimising its business efficiencies and customer response times. The company’s investment and implementation of WEBFLEET was supported by TomTom Telematics’ Gold partner, Auto Electrical Services (AES).

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