House building registrations fall in London

London and the North East were the only places in the country to see home building registrations fall during the three months from February to April. 

According to the latest NHBC figures, UK new homes registrations were unaffected by the run up to the election, increasing by 20% to 41,307 compared with the same period last year .

But London saw a sharp fall of nearly 2,400 registrations, equating to a 30% drop over the period. The smaller North East regional fell by a similar percentage which amount6ed to a decline of 450 registration compared to the same period a year before.

The latest figures suggest that the cooling in house prices in the Capital is now working through into fewer starts compared the exuberance of a years ago.

Across the UK private sector registrations increased by 24% during this period to 31,083, with the public sector also up by 8%  to 10,224.

For the month of April, 12,459 new homes were registered (9,268 private sector; 3,191 public sector), a 4% increase on the 11,985 homes (8,955 private; 3,030 public) registered in the same month last year.

NHBC Chief Executive Mike Quinton said; “The very positive start to the year continues, with the growth in new home registrations unaffected by uncertainty ahead of the General Election, and so 2015 is likely to be another strong year.

“Now that the outcome of the General Election has been decided we look forward to continuing our work with government to ensure that housing remains at the top of the political agenda to help us get back to pre-recession building levels.”

NHBC registrations Feb-April
Region 2015 2014 change
North East 1,002 1,458 -31%
North West 3,585 2,731 31%
Yorkshire & the Humber 1,936 1,590 22%
West Midlands 4,415 3,001 47%
East Midlands 3,747 2,522 49%
Eastern 4,679 3,125 50%
South West 4,545 3,086 47%
Greater London 5,469 7,867 -30%
South East 6,495 4,832 34%
Totals for England 35,873 30,212 19%
Scotland – Councils 3,278 2,666 23%
Wales – Unitary Authorities 1,397 925 51%
Northern Ireland – Counties 759 648 17%
Totals for UK 41,307 34,451 20%

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