Surf Snowdonia Make Surfing Pool History

Surf board pic Surf Snowdonia have created a brand new surfing phenomenon that had all wave-crashers flocking to them on September 1st, when the new attraction made its first debut. Boasting of holding the new record of the world’s longest man-made surfable waves, participators of all abilities are able to take part; with choices of riding waves as high as 2m and as low as 70cm. Setting History Once Again This is not the first time the company will see their name printed in history. They were also the first to create a revolutionary inland surfing lagoon. Based in North Wales, the company built the attraction in 2007 on what was once an industrial estate, and have been a hit ever since.   empty poolHow Does It Work? The new wave-creating fun-filled attraction is made possible by a wavefoil machine and a gearless ropeway drive system. The 300m long lagoon will have the wave motion created by the wavefoil machine travelling back and forth along the bottom of the pool, operated by the ropeway drive. The machine will react with the water and, thanks to the different contours, create variable wave heights that will span over 150m. The lagoon can be enjoyed by up to 52 surfers at any given time, giving plenty of opportunity to catch that perfect wave. With safety always in mind, participators don’t have to worry about coming into contact with the machinery, thanks to the implementation of a steel netted screen to keep human and machine separate.   Wavegarden picHow Did They Do It? The concept behind Surf Snowdonia was dreamed up a decade ago, and has finally come to fruition. Testing may have taken place in Spain, by some of the greatest surfers, but the finished enthralling wave-infested pool was built right here in the UK. Waves created by the innovative machinery can last as long as 20 seconds, giving even the most astute surfers a chance to enjoy the ride. The whole process would not be possible without Pumping Solutions, who Surf Snowdonia recruited to pump water into the lagoon with their quality equipment. Working with this company allows Surf Snowdonia to recycle the water used in the pool, making the Wavegarden more environmentally friendly.

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