Architects of London

An interactive visual resource which showcases London’s finest and most-recognised architects and their respective buildings.

London is gifted with a diverse range of architectural styles thanks in part to the age of the England’s capital but mostly owing to the talented pool of architects whose skills and creativity has helped shape the city’s skyline.
architects of london
To celebrate the collective talents of these architects and the ever-changing built landscape of London, Gregory Phillips has created a visual resource of iconic buildings called Architects of London.

Visitors can navigate the guide using the left-hand side scrollable panel which features a choice selection of architects. Click on the architect to preview their iconic London building along with a concise summary of style, information on the architect and location details.

The aim is for the resource to be democratic; users can submit their favourite architects (and buildings) via the submission form on the Standings page. They can star their favourite buildings; doing so will count as a vote towards the construction. The total number of votes can be seen on the Standings page also.

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