These Gadgets Will Make Your Construction Site Safer & More Productive

Those who work in the modern construction industry can enjoy a broad range of gadgets. These gadgets are not only designed to improve communication and worker safety, but also to make design and building process easier. Below, you will find a list of gadgets that will make your construction site safer and more productive. The Halo Light While you need the safest couplers such as TEFRA during construction, you also need gadgets that increase workers visibility when they work at night. One of such gadgets is Halo Light technology gadgets. This gadget increases workers visibility to passing motorists and visible during situations with reduced visibility. They are more efficient and can last for longer hours without the need for recharging. DAQRI Smart Helmet These helmets display work instructions and requirements on their visor. They enable workers to see and know what is needed to be done. This latest innovation not only reduces training period but also helps workers to understand the importance of the tasks at hand. DAQRI Smart Helmet features an HD video recording, “360° navigation cameras, alphanumeric capture and 3D mapping. Smart safety glasses Smart safety glasses – is the latest technology that helps employers to monitor their workforce for safety and productivity purpose. These glasses are designed by XOEye Technologies. They feature embedded cameras, projected screen as well as Wi-Fi access. Workers can do their work efficiently by matching their tasks with the requirements on a -D mapping schematics. Myo + Bridgit Myo is a tool that is placed on the arm of every construction worker. This tool is used together with smart glasses like XOEye Technologies’ Smart safety glasses. They work in conjunction with the aim of taking pictures, mark off tasks and communicate with the employer or coworkers. Myo is integrated with Bridgit software. Laser Scanner Using a Laser Scanner, you can take high-quality three-dimensional photos and videos of your construction site. Laser Scanners are valuable construction monitoring tool that you can use to increase working efficiency, including carrying out road mapping, performing forensic documentation and increasing safety and quality control. Responsive clothing You will need to control temperature if you want your construction workers to perform their assigned tasks efficiently. You don’t need to worry because innovators have come up with “smart” clothing, also referred to as responsive clothing. One of the “smart” clothing gadgets out there is a specialty glove designed by a company in Germany. These gloves change to blue when they come into contact with toxic substances. Smart headsets Solutions HC1 headset is one of the smart headsets designed by Motorola. It features a hand-free computer with user manuals for specific tasks. The headset can also detect broken sensors.

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