New lease of life for Constructing Better Health

Construction pensions and holiday pay specialist B&CE has taken control of the national scheme for the management of occupational health, Constructing Better Health

Presently CBH operates under the control of the industry’s Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

The move comes as industry leaders are due to gather in London this week to commit to dramatically improving occupational health in construction.

Subject to finalising legal agreements, B&CE will initially take over the running of the current CBH operational model.

Then B&CE will consult with industry to reform the current CBH offering to provide simple and easy to use services that will help to improve occupational health in the sector.

Graham Wren, Chief Executive of Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), said: “Since Constructing Better Health was established in 2004 the organisation has grown and now has around 340 employer customers.

“However, the importance of occupational health in construction has grown in recent years and the CSCS board have concluded that further growth opportunities for CBH can be better realised as part of B&CE.”

Patrick Heath-Lay, chief executive officer of B&CE, said: “We want to build on the work that Constructing Better Health has done over the past few years and, following a period of intensive engagement with the sector, launch a new proposition that really delivers for construction workers and employers.”

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