5 Tips for Securing a Construction Site

A construction site is usually flush with many items that would be of interest to thieves and vandals.  Most of these items are very costly and tampering with even one of them could alter the funding dynamics of the entire project. This is a major reason why adequate steps must be taken to ensure that the construction is adequately protected all the time. This piece takes a look some tips that will help.

  1. Proper equipment storage

All unused tools and equipment should be properly secured. Construction vehicles should be adequately locked and the keys secured when they are not in use.  Fences and storage shed should have locks installed.

  1. Ensure limited access to the site

Regardless of the scope of the project, it is not necessary to allow everyone that is part of the construction process unfettered access to the construction site. Cut down access to authorised personnel only and in cases where possible, ensure there is only one access route to the site.  Don’t forget to ensure all workers on site have proper identification and credentials.

  1. Ensure a properly lit site

It is important to make sure that the construction site and all areas around trailers, access points and storage areas are properly lit.  If the construction site is out of public view, motion-sensitive lighting is often the best to have. A properly lit environment is enough to discourage criminals most of the time.

  1. Ensure adequate fencing

Proper fencing of the construction is vital but it is not enough. You equally need to hang “No Trespassing” signs on the fence all around the site.  The fence will not only cut down on criminal access to the site, it will also prevent unscrupulous individuals from gaining access into the site and removing anything.  The best fences have barbed or electric wires as well as alarm systems in place. In cases where it is not possible to fence the entire site, consider fencing machinery and the storage areas.

  1. Practice proper site management

Proper site management involves inventory of everything and engraving or marking company logos and identification details on all property. Additionally, the responsibility for all assets on the project site should be properly defined. If the team is stretched too thin, consider employing facilities management services.

A good tip is to include the cost of securing the construction site in the overall project budget. The budget should be determined by past crime rate in the area you are working in. Investment in construction site security is worth it when you compare the potential cost of stolen or damaged property.

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