Brighten up: open up your home to the light!

Brightening your home is crucial in creating a peaceful living space for you and the family. There are plenty of ways and tricks to lighten up the mood in a home, with a few well chosen accessories and a good lick of luminous paint on the walls. But when this isn’t cutting it – and this is especially true for older buildings that tend to have smaller windows, it might be time for a bigger structural makeover.

  1. Conservatories

Getting a conservatory to lighten up a room such as a dark kitchen is an excellent investment as you’re getting more space and much more light for a reasonable budget. Depending on your home style, you can decide to go for traditional CR Smith conservatories, or go full on modern with more daring bespoke designs that will display your architectural avant-garde taste. Both options are likely to add a ton of value to your home as conservatories are one of the most profitable home upgrades on the market: if it is well done, a sunroom or conservatory can add up to 7% value.

  1. Rooflights

Bring the light levels of your home to the roof with rooflights. Sometimes adding extra glazing to the roof is the easiest solution. You can add it to gloomy corridors and rooms in the middle of the house that could always benefit from a little extra light. If you’re after a design option, roof lanterns can take many different shapes and are usually fitted onto flat roofs.

  1. Open plan living space

Breaking down some walls may be the best option to bring in the light. Such open plan living layout makes the light flows throughout the home and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Taking down a wall can be done relatively on the cheap: between 400 and 3000 GBP to get it done professionally. Opt for a half wall if you’re planning to install a breakfast bar or extra storage.

  1. Courtyards

The center parts of the house have a tendency to be the darkest. Mini courtyards are a great and modern design solution to brighten up the space from within and create a cosy and intimate outdoor setting where you can relax, even in the busiest neighbourhood.

  1. Make the windows bigger

If the budget is tight, another optimal solution could simply be to take pre-existing windows and turn them into glass door windows that will maximise the light and the view. If the current structure allows it, you could also invest in extra windows. You shouldn’t need to apply for planning permission in the UK if you decide to install extra doors or windows on your home, under the condition that they remain of a similar appearance to those used in the construction of the original building.

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