High Return on Investment Property Selling: a guide on property upgrades

Investing in properties in order to sell can be a tricky game to play if the return on investment isn’t as high as you’d hope. Upgrades can sometimes cost more than the added value to the final market price of a property. We’ve listed some of the best home improvements according to experienced real estate experts and property selling and remodelling specialists. Surprisingly, a lot of the most rewarding remodelling projects are rather low maintenance and not too costly: you don’t need a labour intensive complete property overhaul to get the most bang for your bucks.
  1. Highest long-term Return On Investment: the entry door
Replacing the entry door of a property provides a ROI of up to 98% according to data obtained by HouseLogic and is probably the best investment you could be making. Transforming the front door is efficient: it gives the home an entirely fresh look and it can improve insulation. It’s also relatively low budget: for a spend of around £1300, expect to gain a minimum of 75% of the cost in the final sale. Steel door models though are your best bet over PVC and other materials.
  1. UK’s favorite home improvement: the kitchen
Kitchens are the hub of every home and unsurprisingly, extensions and replacements are one of the UK’s most popular home improvements. It turns out that ROI is pretty good too: minor remodelling such as simply replacing the countertops, floorings or adding middle of the range appliances is enough to assure a RIO above 80%. Experts also recommend to spend a little extra on workspace and layout as flow is crucial in a kitchen. It will never need changing if done well and replacing cabinets and appliances can be done quickly for cheap if necessary.
  1. Siding replacement: opt for fiber-cement
New siding is one of the best and immediate ways to show prospective buyers that the home they’re interested in is well-maintained. As as result, ROI on new siding is also around 80% if you opt for fiber cement. Fiber cement is low maintenance, stable and extremely durable. The only downside being in the actual installation: it requires the help of a professional with the right tools and techniques which can make the overall budget creep up but be aware it will be worth it in the long run.
  1. Garage door replacement: low cost and big impression
Garage door replacement will set you up with a ROI of 80% too. It’s one of the top property remodelling investment as a middle of the range garage is relatively low priced (between £500 and £1000), installation is easy and rewarding: the entire feel of your front lawn can be changed for the best thanks to this simple home remodelling operation.

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