Property Renovation Calculator Gives Homeowners Estimated Cost of Home Improvements

New Property Renovation Calculator Gives Homeowners Estimated Cost of Home Improvements

A brand new microsite has launched allowing people considering making home improvements to input information, such as the room they are looking to renovate, the size of the space and the region they live in, and then get an estimated cost for the work. Months of research have gone into making the home renovation calculator as accurate as possible.

In a bid to help people understand the cost of home improvements before they start the work, the team at has designed and built a home renovation calculator, based on months of research, to help users create the property of their dreams.

The calculator initially asks users to choose the room they want to update, with a choice of the kitchen, bathroom, conservatory, bedroom, dining room or living room. They are then required to measure and enter the size of the room in metres squared (m²).

Next, users of the calculator are asked to consider whether they require a budget, mid-range or high-end finish. Finally, the region the property is located in is also needed, in order to account for the varying costs of services in different areas of the UK.  For example, the cost of renovating a 7m² bathroom, on a budget, would equate to roughly £4,175 in the North East, but would cost £5,322 in London.

Kirsty Martin, spokesperson for, made the following comments on the creation of the calculator:

“Making the decision to completely renovate a room in a house can come about for a multitude of reasons. You may be considering a house move and want to ensure that you make as much as you can from the sale, or perhaps you are a first-time buyer with limited funds and considering a fixer-upper.

“This calculator has been built to give users the chance to generate a rough estimate of the work needed to improve the room. And while we don’t know the specific tiles, taps or fixtures you want to incorporate into your lovely new room, it will give you an idea of whether or not you can afford the home of your dreams!”

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