Christmas comes early for construction workers thanks to Brian Alfred

Tax rebate specialists Brian Alfred are offering new and existing customers the opportunity to get an early tax rebate months before the usual tax refund date of April 2017. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for those in the construction industry who fancy some extra cash for Christmas or even to beat the January blues.

Construction workers who make use of the early tax rebate offer will receive up to 60% of their tax rebate amount for the year 2016-2017 early, with the remainder being paid at the usual time next April. There are no hidden fees, loan agreements or credit checks needed, Brian Alfred will simply advance part of the full year rebate early.

For the average UK CIS worker, this could mean they can claim an early tax rebate of up to £900 by Christmas. This will be a welcome bonus for construction workers just in time for the hectic and often expensive festive season.

Commercial Practice Director at Brian Alfred, Anda Gregory says of the product: “We’re proud to be the first and only tax rebate specialist to offer an early tax rebate. We listened to our customers and realised that Christmas is a time of year when they really want to treat their families, so we launched this product to give them some added support in making it one to remember.”

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