A brief guide to industrial doors, from sliding tents to high speed doors

The field of industrial doors includes many different models, and each one is conceived for specific uses and have special features.

Let’s see some of the main types of industrial doors, their peculiarities and their most common applications!

  • Sectional doors: one of the main peculiarities of these types of doors, which are also used in residential contexts, is their vertical opening. The fact that they open vertically brings a big advantage, since this permits to save space both in front and behind the door itself. Also for this reason sectional doors are very versatile and can be used in various different contexts.

Sectional doors can be both manual and motorized (in this case they can be equipped with remote automatic control) and the safety of the lifting system is guaranteed through special safety devices.

  • High speed doors: this model is used in those spaces where it in necessary to open and close the door very quickly. The quickness of the system that characterizes the opening of high speed doors brings many advantages: first of all, it permits to save energy and maintain the temperature inside a given space; moreover, using this type of doors you can separate different processes inside the same building, which helps improving productivity.

High speed doors are also appreciated because they do not require special maintenance and are easy to install.

  • Strip curtains: these inexpensive doors are made of PVC and are very durable and versatile. Perfect for cold store areas, strip curtains are used for the opening of large warehouse. They reduce temperature loss and allow the passage of people and machines.
  • Folding doors: the perfect model if you need robust and wide closures, folding doors can be personalized and equipped with windows to improve visibility.
  • Sliding tends: this model is notably appreciated because it is a cheap solution for both large and small spaces.
  • Fire doors: it is necessary to use this type of doors in all of those spaces where there is a high fire risk. Fire doors are an important protection for both people and goods and need to be certified and built in accordance to specific norms.
  • Flap doors: a cheap solution that you can use when you need to isolate various rooms inside the same building but you do not want to prevent people and machines to move easily from one room to the other. Made of PVC, flap doors are resistant and flexible.

These are some of the types of industrial doors that you can find on the market. Choose the one you prefer according to your needs and to the field of application!

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