BOSCH GCL 2-50 C + GCL 2-50 CG Professional

BOSCH GCL 2-50 C + GCL 2-50 CG Professional – for more fun on construction sites! Measuring with an inch ruler, a guideline or hand drafted lines is dreadful and not always precise. But this is a thing of the past – thanks to modern laser technology. The up-to-date pro uses a handy combi laser, which is not only easier to use but relieves day-to-day work immensely. And because laser measurements are done in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, there is always enough time for some fun on site. –   For professional craftsmen of any trade the GCL 2-50 CG and the GCL 2-50 C are a real treat! They support you and your work in so many efficient ways. Both lasers are operated with a wireless bluetooth connection in combination with an app – connectivity reaching an impressive distance of up to 50 meters. The GCL 2-50 CG is able to project a green laser line – one which is visible even in the most difficult light situations. The green laser lines are up to four times more visible than the red lines of comparable equipment. By the way: The perfect companion for your combi laser is the RM 3 Professional multifunctional mount, which can also be operated wireless with the app, ensuring flexible positioning and attachment options. Both combi lasers are ideal for levelling and setting plumb points in areas such as:
  • Hanging ceilings
  • Levelling drywalls with vertical laser lines
  • Electronic installations
  • Lighting grids
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