Company Witnessed 5000%+ Increase In Northern Irish Home Insurance Sales MINUTES BEFORE Storm Ophelia

Company Witnessed 5000%+ Increase In Northern Irish Home Insurance Sales MINUTES BEFORE Storm Ophelia

A company specialising in providing home insurance has revealed that it sold 5,284% more policies to Northern Irish customers (compared to the daily average between 16th August 2017 and 16th October 2017), just minutes before storm Ophelia hit Ireland last month.


The team at CoverBuilder (, which provides home insurance to the growing number of homeowners who have issues finding cover for a multitude of reasons, witnessed a huge influx of home insurance sales from those living in Northern Ireland the same day that storm Ophelia hit the country.


A subsequent poll of 1,039 Northern Irish homeowners aged 21 and over has found that as many as two thirds (66%) have looked into purchasing home insurance or changing their existing policy in the weeks since the storm left more than 50,000 homes and businesses without power.


Just under half of participants (48%) taking part also admitted to researchers that they initially ignored the early warnings of the potential damage Ophelia was capable of causing, blaming the panic on ‘excessive media coverage’.


Rob Rushton, Head of, made the following comments regarding the websites activity in the lead-up to the storm:


“As storm Ophelia began trending online and the winds across Northern Ireland reached speeds of 100mph and brought with it devastation across the country, here at CoverBuilder we witnessed a huge amount of panic amongst homeowners on October 16th, with a 5,284% increase in sales of home insurance policies that day compared to the number of policies we write on a standard working day.


“The policies were taken out from 9:00am on the morning of the storm, prior to the worst damage taking place, and subsequently we saw a dramatic fall in enquiries during the afternoon as hundreds of thousands of properties throughout the UK and Ireland lost power. Despite the clear panic from home owners wanting to purchase insurance to protect their properties during such a scary time, we are yet to see any customers make a claim following the storm, hopefully indicating that no substantial damage was caused to any of our cautionary Northern Irish customers.”


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