Aarsleff to use silent and vibration-free equipment to install sheet piled wall

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has been awarded a sheet piling project that will allow the company to utilise its new Giken ECO 700S machine, allowing for the silent and vibration-free driving of sheet piles at Grovehill Depot in Beverley.

On behalf of main contractor, North Midland Construction/Building Ltd, Aarsleff will be installing 155 No. steel sheet piles, 700mm width and 12.0m in length. The sheet piles will form a retaining wall approximately 108 l/m for maximum retained height.   A long reach excavator mounted with Movax unit will handle and pitch piles to the press unit.

Owing to the challenging site conditions, and wanting to deliver a safe and successful installation process, Aarsleff suggested a Movax unit mounted on a long reach excavator be employed. The limited working room, poor state of repair of the access, and the bank slippage demonstrated to Aarsleff that it is not practical for a mobile crane to traverse, nor provide a realistic radius for lifting. By utilising the long reach, Aarsleff hope to ensure increased manoeuvrability and lower bearing pressures, all at a safe distance from the embankment, allowing the site team to work from behind the press unit where previously installed piles have increased the stability of the embankment wall.

The Movax also allows us to safely and efficiently install and extract the necessary temporary reaction piles for the Giken press. Aarsleff’s head of sheet piling John Storry said: “The Giken enables us to provide cost effective installation programmes and solutions to our clients, even in the most environmentally sensitive conditions.”

Aarsleff Ground Engineering commence works on the 29th January.

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