What you can do to deal with fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is a growing problem across the UK. Many lawbreakers will illegally use large areas like building sites as a dumping ground. For those in the construction industry, it can be time consuming, hazardous and costly, having to deal with someone else’s illegally disposed rubbish. The following guide, produced by Continue Reading

Strong Structures: 5 Construction Materials Used to Construct Durable Buildings

Since the dawn of time, mankind has constantly been evolving. Ancient Neanderthals took advantage of nature’s resources and used caves, forests, and mountainous regions as places of refuge. These natural shelters provided protection from the elements, ferocious predators, and rival tribes. Throughout history, mankind has also consistently shown its remarkable Continue Reading

Are UK gardens shrinking?

Alongside homes, which have halved in size when compared to those built in 1920, between 1983 and 2013 British gardens have shrunk from 168 metres squared to 163.2 metres squared. Additionally, more than two million homes in the UK are without a garden at all according to figures released in Continue Reading

Aarsleff Ground Engineering commences piling for 220,000sq ft extension, in Hull

Clugston Construction awarded Aarsleff Ground Engineering the piling contract for a £25m extension to the National Distribution Centre in Hull for workwear and safety equipment supplier, Arco. The 220,000sq ft extension will double Arco’s current warehousing and logistics capacity. The build is part of Arco’s £55m investment initiative to support Continue Reading