Why bifold doors should be your next home improvement project

This time of year is a great one for anybody thinking of a new home improvement project. The kids are going back to school meaning they won’t be around to get in the way. The boiling hot summer days are behind us so you can work without fear of sunburn and heatstroke. The eight-week window of September and October will allow indoor and outdoor work to be completed before the really bad weather and dark nights of winter come along.

One that can have a major positive transformation on your environment and your home is by installing some bifold doors.

Stylish, secure and elegant, the modern bifold door combines the properties of a full-length door or window with the flexibility of a patio door to let your garden or exterior become part of your room.

Energy Saving

One of the great benefits of home improvements is that they nearly always end up saving money on household bills for years after they are completed and bifold doors are no exception. Their heat retention and draught exclusion means a lower carbon footprint and greater fuel bill savings from installation on.

The huge surface area lets more heat and natural daylight from the sun into a room and keeps it there with its unique solar control glass technology. This specially coated glazing reflects excessive heat energy allowing the glass to control the temperature within rooms, reducing the need for blinds and expensive air conditioning units.

If blinds are needed then integral ones can be fitted permanently within the double-glazing cavity of the bifold door itself. This is a sealed, dust and moisture free environment, which means they require no maintenance and are protected from the elements and the household wear and tear.

Weather the Storms

One acid test for every external home improvement project in the UK is how it can handle the Great British weather. Wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, drizzle, fog and mist are the usual ingredients until we get to summer sunshine again and bifold doors are more than up to the task.

The doors are fully weather resistant rated and are power coated as standard to eliminate corrosion and discolouration that can occur through natural exposure. Their sturdy aluminium build is more resistant than wood, tougher than plastic and perfectly fits the modern design aesthetic for great light and the illusion of more living space.

Safe and Sound

Security is a prime concern no matter where you live in the country and bifold doors are up to the task. Every door that leaves the bifold shop is constructed with thick, toughened glazing that reduces external noise, excessive glare and strong winds and debris.

They are secured with multi point locking mechanisms on the main doors and shoot bolt locks on folding doors providing several zones of security to give you additional peace of mind.

Bifold doors may not have been your immediate next home improvement project but when you consider the permanent advantages and benefits they bring, they might very well be.


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