BAE Systems has looked to Develop Training to help in deploying video teaching for its staff. Develop Training Ltd (DTL) specialises in the provision of training for the construction and utilities sectors. Both BAE Systems and DTL strongly believe that video teaching, which allows for learners to experience real-world scenarios in the classroom, will help to revolutionise the future delivery of training courses. DTL initially set out to help BAE Systems develop the skills of its excavation supervisors quickly and effectively in varied operational environments and without the need for extensive travel; it was quickly determined that a customised 2D video was the most effective way of doing this. The video, which involved three days on-site shooting and six weeks post-production work, has allowed for an innovative two-day course to be created. DTL is now looking to extend the approach more widely to a number of its training courses. Jamie Hudson, Specialist Engineer at BAE Systems, commented: “We have been delighted with our successful partnership with DTL to develop this new method of training delivery. Being able to experience a variety of real-world scenarios in the classroom will be a huge advantage for trainees. We expect this technology to be used far more widely in future.” Jim Donnelly, Gas and H&S Delivery Manager at Develop Training, said: “This is an excellent way for delegates to learn important skills. It addresses key learning points easily and effectively, allowing these to be applied practically in the field and in a wide range of situations. It could fundamentally change how we deliver some of our courses in the future.” The video covers the assessment of excavation sites, equipment suitability and compliance with health and safety regulations amongst a range of other content. This is the latest in a series of key innovations by DTL; although the company specialises in practical skills and apprenticeships in the construction and utility industries, it has previously pioneered the use of e-portfolios for delegates, and has developed a Learning Assessment Portal which allows employers and trainees to manage course bookings and monitor learner progress online. www.developtraining.co.uk

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