Why move when you can improve? Ideas for adding value to your home

Instead of dealing with moving costs and time-consuming packing, invest in your current home and add value to it. There are many ideas that can be implemented that can transform your home into a brand-new abode. Just check out these ideas that can add value to your home.

Add some decorations

Decorations can add some simple value to your home in no time. Whether it is plants, ornaments, sculptures or paintings, you can be sure that adding a bit of decoration, colour, and character to your home will definitely improve its surroundings.

You can even get super creative and do some decorative DIY projects yourself. Some examples to consider are:

·         An indoor herb garden – Good Housekeeping have created a list of 10 Herbs you can grow indoors all year round. Some herbs include basil (great for pizza making), thyme (great for stews and pot pies), tarragon (used in béarnaise sauce) and sage (used in various meat recipes). An indoor herb garden can make a great addition to your kitchen; you can even create a herb wall garden as shown here on Pinterest.
  • DIY centerpieces – Create your own centerpieces for your dining room. For instance lamouretfleurs says to add any flowers you enjoy or go with your own creative flow and add something special to you. Little pieces like these make a big difference to the room and add some personal value to your home.
  • Candle making – Buy some wax, melt it, add your own fragrance oils and colour, and put it in a mould of your choice. Design as many candles as you wish; you can even gift a few to family and friends. Having candles in your home brightens the mood and atmosphere. Great scents are also provided!

Kit out your garden

Make use of any garden space you have. Purchase some equipment like a BBQ, lounge chairs and even consider a patio. Anything you do to improve your garden will reflect positively on your house.

Plant some of your favourite flowers or invest in some garden ornaments, water features or fairy lights to really make your garden feel magical!

If you have a large garden, consider adding extra special features like a pool or hot tub. Or if you’re into sports, add a basketball court or create an outside gym.

If you have children, you can even add some playground equipment so the whole family can enjoy their time in the garden.

Shed bars are also something to consider – you can invite friends over for a party, especially during summertime. It can be fairly expensive to renovate a shed into a bar, but it may be a feature that will provide enjoyment for years to come. Just look at some of these shed bars on Nextluxury.com – how easy it must be to grab a drink and enjoy the outside at the same time with style!

Add a conservatory

If you’re in need of extra space, why don’t you add a conservatory instead of moving house. A conservatory brings value, space and luxury to anyone’s home – that’s why they’re so popular!

Conservatories can range in price depending on the extension needed, and there may be some planning/building restrictions you may need to check out before committing to this idea. But if you have the spare cash and you have legal permission, add a conservatory and bring a bit more charm and space to your home.

Install some new windows

Windows can change a whole room or the whole house, depending on how many windows you want to add.

Allowing in more natural light can change your home for the better. Replacing old windows with larger ones, or adding in more windows to create a modern well-light appearance, can make your home airy and peaceful. Just make sure to get windows that are well-fitted and energy efficient – you’ll save money without sacrificing design!

Think about changing your lights

Just like windows, lights can affect the atmosphere and mood of your home, and will save you money on the moving cost. Certain lights can create certain moods. A dim-lit light creates a darker, romantic feeling, while brighter lights create energised surroundings.

You can even buy some led changing light bulbs to add some extra colour to your home. These ones on Amazon are rated high and are definitely something to consider buying.

Change the outside of your home

Some people forget that the outside of their home is just as important as the inside.

The outside foundation, walls and roof can be practical and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re into a modern look, consider revamping your roof to a flat roof. Certain roofers in Newcastle Upon Tyne are highly experienced and offer expert installations – something to really think about if you’re local or looking for some professional work to be done.

You outside walls are also important. You can paint your walls yourself or get an experienced painter to do it for you.

Consider white or a neutral brown for a nice modern look. Or, if you want to go crazy and creative, consider a colour like blue or red – pastel colours are also trendy at the moment and have a nice, soft appeal. Check out these examples of painted exteriors for inspiration!

Change the floors

The floors in your home can be comfortable, creative and add value to your home. Wooden flooring can create an aesthetic, modern appeal. Tiles can come in various shapes and sizes; some people even go all out and have murals on their floors!

Carpet is always a favourite with living rooms for an extra comfy feeling – just browse around in-store and pick the best option for you.

A change of flooring can make a dramatic change to your home – you just have to gather the courage to do it!

You’ll be surprised with the outcome of your home if you take some of these ideas and implement them, and we guarantee that it will be more fun redecorating and improving your current home than it would be trying to move out and start over again!

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