Why a flat roof is the right choice for your home

Why a flat roof is the right choice for your home Are you in the market for a new roof? Maybe you are after a design change or you simply want to replace an old roof that is damaged. A flat roof is a great option for your home and here are the reasons why: They are cost-effective Flat roofs are cheaper than pitched roofs – so if you’re budgeting for a roof and don’t want to break the bank, a flat roof is the way to go. A pitched roof may be traditional but it will cost you thousands more for the same area you want covered. Speaking about costs, the cover of your flat roof can also vary. According to Home Building and Renovating, a flat roof cover can cost from around £35/m2 up to £80/m2. They also outline the different coverings available like torch-on felt which is the cheapest covering, mastic asphalt which is potentially the longest lasting, EPDM rubberised roofing which is widely used and easy to install, single ply membranes which are fairly expensive, and liquid roofs which are expensive and complex. Make sure you always discuss materials with your builder and make sure you get quality at a reasonable price. They give you space Flat roofs provide a large amount flexibility and they free up internal space. They also offer the impression of a sleeker look compared to bulkier pitched roofs, making your home look modern and spacious. Attics and lofts are more easily available and accessible with a flat roof than with a pitched roof that produces sloped walls. This means that you can easily convert your attic or loft into another bedroom or living space and not have to worry about the interior being too cramped – something to definitely consider if you are wanting to add another room to your home in the future and appreciate the maximum use of interior space. With a flat roof you can place your air conditioning units with ease, and even better, on top of your flat roof, you can install some solar panels that are more hidden than ones on pitched roofs – something to think about if you want solar power energy without having to sacrifice the outside appearance of your home. A rooftop garden is another great idea that can be achieved if you have a flat roof. Perfect for green thumbs and those aspiring to do a little gardening a week, a flat roof provides the perfect space for a living garden on top of your home. Gardening know-how has a very useful guide for those interested in starting a rooftop garden. They suggest checking with your local authorities, rental property rules or homeowner association regulations to see if you will be able to make a rooftop garden in the first place. They also suggest that you try to use as little weight as possible and that you should use plastic, fiberglass or foam planting containers and that you should avoid using pavers and regular garden dirt as lightweight potting soil will be better. Using Styrofoam peanuts for drainage rather than rocks or pottery shards can also reduce the weight of your garden on your roof for some extra reassurance and safety.  Some benefits of a rooftop garden other than scenery include:
  • Reducing the amount of stormwater runoff, protecting your surroundings from damage and possible flooding
  • Creating a habitat for animals including birds, butterflies and bees
  • Providing an outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy and relax in
  • Improving the air quality of your surroundings
  • Having the ability to grow fruit and vegetables on your roof, and if you can build a lightweight greenhouse on your roof you can have access to food all year round
  • Gaining quality flora that you can use for decoration in your own home or give to friends and family as gifts
  Check out these rooftop gardens and gather some inspiration for your home! Flat roofs are definitely versatile and you can be creative with the space they provide compared to other roof designs out there – just think of the possibilities! Easy to install

Flat roofs have a faster and less disruptive installation process and a plain structure means fewer materials are needed. Pitched roofs take comparatively longer to construct and complete and require more intensive labour which may cause interruptions during construction time.

Wind Resistance You won’t have to worry about shingles falling off anymore as flat roofs are perfect for wind resistance, especially when windstorms hit. If you live in the UK you will know that the wind here can be dramatic and long-lasting. A flat roof can safely be exposed to strong winds without you worrying about it needing to get repaired afterward. Durable Since flat roofs don’t take the wind damage that pitched roofs do, flat roofs are expected to last 30 years or more. Checking your roof every now and then will help you access how long your flat roof has before you will need to either repair it or get it fixed. Design Homify Online point out that flat roofs are everywhere at the moment and that they are trendy with people desiring contemporary architecture. They describe flat roofs as startlingly elegant as the straight lines and right angles are distinctive, strong and bold. Even if you don’t want to commit to a whole new roof but would like one as an extension piece, consider getting a flat roof on a conservatory or garage. This can give your home depth and a very sleek modern design. This semi-detached suburban home has had a kitchen extension built on the back of the building with a flat roof. Notice the artistic contrast of shapes and lines which creates a modern aesthetic appeal. You can be more involved with the design of your flat roof than you think and can ask for your roof to be built with a slight slope so rain can drain away easily. You can also get some skylights installed or have a glass flat roof that will create an uplifting amount of natural light in your home. Specialists will be needed if you are considering adding glass to your roof as to limit heat loss and the possibility of cracks appearing over time. General roof repairs may need to be done every so often as well, so make sure you find a reliable company that can offer you a great deal. Flat roof repairs in Newcastle Upon Tyne can be easily achieved as there are many local companies in the surrounding area that specialise in flat roofs and have years of experience. Just look around for companies that have repaired flat roofs previously and have a proven and positive track record of satisfying customers. Is it Right for You? If you are looking for a change in roof design, whether it be for appearance or practicality, flat roofs are one of the best options for your home. Just look at everything you can do with a flat roof! Create yourself a roof garden or have windows that shine in natural light without anything obstructing your view – there are so many positives that flat roofs have, you just have to browse around for a great deal!  What are your thoughts on flat roofs and are you considering getting one for your home?

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