Work wellbeing — 5 office hygiene hotspots

Despite a rise in remote working in recent years, many of us still trek to our trusty offices each day to make a living.

And while we’re earning a crust, we’re also crumbling because of work-related health issues like backache, eyestrain, stress, the cold and norovirus.

But there are a few simple office design and equipment adjustments progressive employers can make to mitigate risks.

If you’re concerned about work wellbeing, here’s how to optimise five office hygiene hotspots.

  1. Desk

Desk surfaces, keyboards and the nooks and crannies behind monitors host hordes of bacteria if they’re not regularly cleaned — so keep a stash of anti-bac wipes in your desk drawer to stop their spread.

But simply sitting in a sedentary position for hours on end impacts your health too — according to the NHS, it slows the metabolism, reduces your ability to burn fat and causes weaker bones and muscles.

So it’s worth enquiring if your employer might buy a sit-stand desk from a company like Posturite which may make you healthier and more productive.

  1. Toilets

We would all like to think that the toilet hygiene standards of adult office workers are impeccable — but sadly, anyone who’s worked in a corporate environment for an entire career can tell you this isn’t always the case.

And while no one can force people to wash their hands, providing adequate supplies of soap and strong hand dryers should provide encouragement and combat the spread of bacteria.

A dryer such as a Dyson airblade is simple to use and so swift that it only takes a few seconds to work.

  1. Kitchen

The office kitchen is a pleasant sanctuary where colleagues can catch up for a chat over a coffee and take a break form the hustle and bustle of a busy day.

But communal biscuit tins, teabags and mugs are often breeding grounds for all manner of bugs which spoil the tea party in no time at all.

So it’s wise to install soap dispensers from a firm like Deb in kitchens as well as in bathrooms — as well as reserving cups and cutlery for your exclusive use.

  1. Breakout area

Many modern offices feature a breakout area — a comfy, informal social space that’s perfect for casual catch-ups with colleagues and extracurricular activities like reading groups and bakery sales.

But beds might soon be slotted in alongside sofas and tables to optimise rest and ramp up performance.

Futuristic suppliers like MetroNaps are now installing sleep pods in offices that enable staff members to have 40 winks in complete comfort and recharge their batteries.

  1. Reception

A clean and tidy reception enables any firm to create a fabulous first impression for visitors, but it’s also the frontline against dirt and detritus dragged indoors from outside.

But the solution is simple and cost-effective — place a durable and well-designed doormat at the entrance.

Order floor mats from a specialist like Kleen-Tex to provide a warm welcome that also wipes out germs.

Get to grips with health and hygiene in these five office areas for a workforce that’s fit, healthy and focused.

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