Top Mini-Golf Courses Designed by Architects

Top Mini-Golf Courses Designed by Architects If you are looking to create a bespoke course for your clients, it is understandable that you turn to the professionals in the field. There are many ways to present a crazy golf experience to your audience but if you want to be seen as unique, providing a mini-golf experience like no other, an architect designed course is likely to be a fantastic option. When you think about the number of top crazy golf courses in London, some are working hard to stand out from the crowd. There are many ways that a mini-golf business can differentiate itself, look at to see a business which offers fun and excitement, and the layout of the course is one of the variables. Hiring a well-regarded architect to design a mini-golf course could be expensive, but it all depends on what you deem to be value for money. If you think that the experience created by the architect will see people choosing your golf course over rival courses, it could be money well spent.

A challenging golf course promotes itself

Aficionados of mini-golf may know the names of the leading architects and the best-designed courses, but it is likely that a challenging or fun golf course will sell itself. In the social media era, you will have people lining up to share images and video content of a fantastic golf course, and this will provide you with the chance to reach new people and market yourself. User-generated content is fantastic for many businesses and if your mini-golf course has content provided by your customers, you should take advantage of it. Share this content and tag the customers into the post, as this will make it more likely they will share your posts. This will place your golf course in front of more people while acting as a personal recommendation.

People want to see images and video clips of interesting mini-golf courses

In the social media era, it is natural that many people are wary of promotional claims and activities. However, there is a lot to be said for word-of-mouth reviews or praise which appears to come from a person. User-generated content fits this bill and having a fantastic looking or challenging mini-golf course can provide you with a greater level of interest that you would have received from a standard mini-golf course. One time when London came alive with crazy golf courses designed by famous names and leading architects happened in 2016 for the London Design Festival. This event saw famous design names like Zaha Hadid, Mark Wallinger, Tom Dixon and Paul Smith create a hole of their own. Given the respect that these names are held in, many people would attend just to see what they have created. However, given that these are names of people highly regarded for their design skills and strengths, there is no doubt that people will want to play on golf courses devised by these people. You may not necessarily associate architects with designers but there are some fantastic mini-golf courses that have been designed by famous names and highly skilled professionals.

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