Get more done with GPS time and location tracking from Hubstaff

The construction industry has seen a decrease in productivity in recent years. Aside from labor shortages and outdated safety standards, ineffective project management is a huge obstacle to a more efficient workflow. According to PlanGrid’s report on construction productivity, an alarming 37% of respondents reported wasting too much on administrative tasks. That’s partially due to a reliance on paper-based processes. Constantly monitoring a team’s progress consumes a huge chunk of the project managers’ time and effort. On top of that, owners and managers have to make sure that every hour is accounted for, and that the project doesn’t go over the budget. From a bird’s-eye perspective, it’s easy to see that not making use of modern digital tools can cause major setbacks to unlocking better productivity. This is why time tracking and productivity software like Hubstaff was created: to help construction teams overcome these challenges and increase their work efficiency.

Accurate tracking of hours down to the second

  Manual time tracking methods are unreliable. Not only are they difficult to organize, but they are also susceptible to discrepancies caused by human error. At the core of Hubstaff is an accurate time tracking app. It easily eliminates the trivial and draining task of going through paper time cards to make sure that everyone is clocking in eight hours per day. Track time from your browser, desktop, or mobile, even when you’re offline. Hubstaff’s time tracker is remarkably simple to use. It’s a start-stop button with a list of all the tasks assigned to that team member. With Hubstaff, you can view specific team members’ work hours, along with all time tracked toward a project, and everything in-between. Streamlined time tracking ensures that every hour worked is recorded and paid.

Easy-to-use scheduling and online timesheets

  Scheduling is a central component of construction projects. It dictates how quickly you can get a job done, and who is available without hitting overtime. Scheduling can also become time-consuming if not closely monitored. You can create team schedules right in Hubstaff. These include one-time and recurring work hours, as well as holidays. Hubstaff also sends alerts when anyone is late or has missed their shift. The online timesheets that Hubstaff generates are easy to understand. They can be accessed by account owners or managers anytime they need verification on which employee has worked how many hours. Hubstaff’s online timesheets remove the guesswork from the process, which is often one of the more stressful aspects of being a manager.

GPS location tracking to monitor team progress

  Checking in to see what the construction team is doing throughout the day will burn through precious work hours. And asking each and every team member what they have accomplished for the day is a tedious task. Due to the nature of work in construction, team location tracking is an ideal time-saver. Hubstaff monitors where everyone on the team works or has worked via GPS location services. This can then be accessed by the business owners and the project managers at any time. For business owners, a history of where the contractors have worked can assure them that schedules are being met and a project is on track. For contractors, on the other hand, location data and time tracked gives a clear, easy record for their workday. They don’t have to keep mental track or remember to fill out a paper timesheet at the end of the day. Hubstaff takes care of it for you.

Automated payroll and invoicing

  The inconveniences that come with outdated time cards and paper-based processes extend beyond inaccurate hours. Per this article by Zlien, it takes an average of 73 days for construction companies to get paid. That’s more than two full months. With Hubstaff, the payment contractors will receive is based on their hourly rate and the hours they have worked. This is processed automatically by the app. You can even add timesheet approvals so that you see every timesheet before it’s paid. Invoicing with Hubstaff is also organized and accurate. It allows contractors to create a list of their clients and set unique billing rates for each. From there, Hubstaff will automatically compute the total charges. All that’s left is for the contractor to send the invoice and the work is done.

Effective project budgeting and cost management

  It’s important to constantly check if the team is operating well within the budget. However, keeping track of time and expenses can become more difficult over time. This leads to miscalculations, which can lead to delays in schedule. Equipped with a fully automated budgeting capability, Hubstaff makes project cost management easier. Contractors can set expense and hourly limits, effectively preventing employees from working excess and unnecessary hours. The time limit can be overridden in case someone in the team is required to put in extra work. Hubstaff will send notifications if the project is nearing its budget limit. Instead of constantly worrying about the project costs, managers can instead pay closer attention to the team and make sure that they are working efficiently.

Why construction teams love Hubstaff

  A lot of the work in construction project management is time-consuming, tiring, and repetitive. Hubstaff automates these processes and delivers quicker, more precise results. It ensures accuracy in the time and work put in by the team, simplifies payments, and mitigates budgeting problems. With its features built for contractors, Hubstaff is a complete team management software that’s excellent for mobile teams. Hubstaff enables project managers to focus on more relevant tasks, while streamlining the way a construction team works. By having more time to invest in more impactful responsibilities, construction teams can operate more smoothly and take a significant step toward better productivity.

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