New technology and red tape will drive change in learning and development in 2019

New technology and red tape will drive change in learning and development in 2019

That’s the verdict in a new report from utilities training specialist Develop Training Ltd (DTL).

With the utilities sector facing rapid and fundamental change, the white paper highlights how new regulatory and technological developments will present businesses in the sector with a raft of challenges. 

The report entitled ‘Utilities sector: Facing regulatory and technological change’ is available to download at

The authors, whose customers include household names in the utility and construction sectors, point out that these industries face growing challenges in mission critical areas. Those challenges include improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing resilience and meeting customers’ changing expectations.

Yet, the report notes, it is unclear how many of these tests will unfold, or how best to approach them.

John Kerr, DTL’s Operations Director, said: “To be successful in this business environment, organisations must be innovative, responsive and customer-focused. That takes a skilled, flexible and motivated workforce, and investing in the right kind of training now so that businesses are prepared is critically important.”

He said as the challenges facing the sector were constantly developing, organisations would need to keep reassessing and revitalising their learning and development approach to ensure that the right skills were in place.

The whitepaper discusses the challenges facing organisations in the utilities sector in depth, and forecasts how these will affect learning and development strategies in 2019 and beyond.

It concludes that adapting learning and development processes is a vital part of strategic planning, as utility companies prepare for an uncertain future.

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