Why Every House Should Have a Toolbox

A few generations ago, the toolbox was a staple in the home. Your Mum, Dad, Gran and Grandad all know how to fix the odd problem around the house, but do you?

More recently, there has been a crisis in DIY. Millennials, on the whole, don’t have the time, don’t know how or plain just don’t want to do it, with things as simple as bleeding a radiator or changing a lightbulb being out of the question for many.

Is it time we turned things around? Here’s why and how you should go about bringing the toolbox back into your home.

Outside of avoiding feeling a tad embarrassed when having to admit you don’t know how to rewire a plug, there are numerous reasons that it’s worth learning a few tricks of the trade.

• Save serious money: The cost of external labour is significant. Often the simplest of tasks come with an initial ‘callout fee’ with an additional charge. Learning basic DIY tasks, especially when it comes to remodelling or moving into a new home, could easily be worth thousands in savings.
• You’re the boss: You know what you want and how you want it done, so who better to do the work than you? You are the only one who can recreate the picture in your head, and it saves the trouble of paying for something you didn’t quite ask for.
• Learn the craft: Whether it’s online tutorials or taking a few courses, learning DIY can give you valuable life skills that not only save you money, but give you a sense of achievement as well.
• The best results?: Following on from being your own boss, there’s no reason to say you won’t do a better job on your home than a local tradesmen. After all, you can devote more time to a job, plus you have a vested interest in the final product being as good as it can be.

What Should I Have in There?

If the above has done enough to persuade you to get involved, then you need to know what a basic home toolbox should have:

• Electric drill: The handiest of all power tools. Go cordless for sake of ease, but make sure you get a good battery to power it.
• Hacksaw: For cutting wood, plastic and metal.
• Screwdriver set: A set of multi-headed screwdrivers is an absolute essential.
• Claw hammer: For banging in new nails and removing old crooked ones.
• Pliers: A versatile tool that can clamp and cut.
• Adjustable wrench: For tightening nuts and bolts.
• Tape measure: An obvious must for any measuring needs.
• Spirit level: Avoid wonky photos, shelving and wall fitted appliances.
• Utility knife: Multi-purpose for all sorts of little jobs.
• Flashlight: So you can see what you’re doing.
• Safety gear: Safety goggles and work gloves should be a basic requirement.

Now you’ve got some good reasons to do it and a basic list to get you started, you can join the DIY revival.

Don’t be afraid to start small and grow to bigger and brighter things. Before you know it, you will be completing projects to be proud of, and you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket to enjoy as well.

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