Cheapest and Most Expensive UK Cities for Aspiring Self-builders

Thanks to aspirational TV programmes like Grand Designs, it’s no surprise that 1 in 7 Brits are currently researching the self-build process.

The government are even getting on board by introducing more incentives in the hope of boosting the number of self-builds by 35% year-on-year.

To help, Insulation Express have uncovered the biggest opportunities in the UK for aspiring self-build homeowners, property investors and SME builders. The results have been collated into a map which highlights the top 30 cities; the data also includes the number of available plots and the average plot price for each city:

Stand out stats include:

  • 1 million Brits plan on building a self-build within the next year.
  • The average self-build homeowner makes a profit of 29% when selling their home.
  • 49% of Brits dislike standard new builds making the flexibility of a self-build more appealing.
  • The average price of a plot in Liverpool (£817,000) is seven times more expensive than in Manchester (£91,062).

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Self-Build Plots

Insulation Express have also used their ‘self-build opportunities’ data to expose the most expensive cities for aspiring self-builders.

Place City Average Price of Plot
1 Liverpool £817,000
2 Oxford £508,333
3 Leeds £388,000
4 Portsmouth £371,250
5 Derby £356,428
6 Peterborough £328,741
7 Cambridge £323,333
8 Cardiff £303,750
9 Birmingham £274,714
10 Edinburgh £256,000

Top 10 Cheapest Cities for Self-Build Plots

Insulation Express’ have also uncovered the cheapest cities for self-build plot prices.

Place City Average Price of Plot
1 Inverness £91,062
2 Dundee £95,000
3 Manchester £112,090
4 Salford £119,833
5 Durham £128,684
6 Wolverhampton £146,666
7 Southampton £156,666
8 Plymouth £170,000
9 Lincoln £173,316
10 Newport £195,500

Top 30 Cities with the Biggest Self-build Potential

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