Crossrail sparks in pay row as more workers flood Bond Street

Electricians at Crossrail’s Bond Street Station site are unhappy about plans to flood the site with another wave of better paid sparks.

The existing workforce is holding a site meeting today to discuss possible industrial unrest on the delayed job.

It is understood that more than 50 new electricians are being hired on the station which was due to open last December but will not be ready until 2021 at the earliest.

Adverts have appeared offering basic pay rates of £22.50 an hour and overtime rates of up to £67.50 an hour.

That is more than existing sparks are making which has caused tension on the site.

One worker said: “There is so much still to do down there that they need more people.

“But you can’t offer more than existing rates – that’s going to give people the hump.

“We’ll be having a meeting on Monday to talk about what action we might take over this.”

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