BIM Show Live 2020

BIM Show Live has today issued a Call for Papers for its 2020 event which will be held on 26-27 February 2020 at the Boiler Shop in Newcastle, UK.

The annual two day conference attracts up to 400 delegates and provides a unique opportunity for built environment professionals to exchange knowledge on the emerging ideas and technological advancements in digital construction and beyond. 

BIM Show Live is inviting the best in the business to take part and be considered for its 2020 speaker programme.

The show wants to hear about the emerging ideas and the creative application of new technologies, as well as the bright individuals making waves in the digital construction industry and beyond.

Submissions are being accepted until Thursday 07 November 2019 across four key content streams:

  • Technology
  • Next Generation
  • People
  • Stories

For further information please see the below press release.  

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