Where To Get Personalised Employee Uniforms For Your Business In London

A work uniform holds more significance than just being a branded garment that is worn in a workplace. The uniform speaks about the type of business, and the service you can expect, after all if a company takes pride in their employees then you can expect motivated staff who are dedicated to the company and strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. A uniform also emphasises inclusion within the workplace, making the employees feel valued, part of the team and possibly the most importantly is the fact nobody stands out, meaning each employee can be treated equally.

What Kind Of Uniform?

Before you jump into kitting out your workforce, it is important to understand the kind of uniform you will need for your staff, as different job roles have different demands from the garment being worn. Take an electrician for example, you would expect hardwearing materials, plenty of pockets, knee pads and a level of protection from the elements, whereas someone working in a shop you would expect a smart casual outfit in the company colours, a name badge and potentially a hat to top off the uniform.

So, before we get into the detail of what garments to buy, we should first ask ourselves what do we need and expect from the uniforms we will be wearing? Is there a specific style in mind, or certain garments you are trying to avoid for any reason? These are both very different questions but are both highly important, after all you don’t want to invest time money and effort into staff uniforms to have members of your team demotivated by the prospect.

How About Personalisation?

Have you considered personalisation? There are many great companies out there such as a Banana Moon Clothing who not only specialise in personalised clothing printing, but also have a dedicated location in London for those customers in the south of England. Here you will find a family run business with a passion for personalisation, as well as a wealth of resources and an impressive range of garments for any industry and personalisation.

Plain & Simple

Is plain and simple more your business? Maybe personalisation isn’t your cup of tea and you are looking for plain garments for your employees to out their own stamp on it. If this is your plan, then have you considered a name badge? This is a great way for your staff to appear approachable, as it puts a name to the face, allowing a greater degree of customer service.

Now it’s down to you, we have explored the benefits of having a staff uniform, and the options available for your employees. Before you place an order though, it could be worthwhile getting the buy in from your employees, as dictating their outfit for work can be demotivating, but getting the buy in from the get go can eliminate this problem before it arises.

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