The Most Profitable (and Useful) Home Renovations to Make in 2020

What ‘Love It or List It’ Can Teach Aspiring Renovators

After watching series 1-4 of the TV show, they uncovered that the average Love It or List It home renovation costs £54,111.

And that despite spending a huge investment, over a third (36%) of couples still end up moving house – proving that picking the right renovations is key.

So to help, Insulation Express have collated Kirstie Allsopp’s top tips for aspiring renovators:

Problem Solution Notes
A lack of space Adding a loft conversion or an extension to the house. Or if you’re on more of a budget, changing the layout of your home i.e. switching the kitchen and the living room.   64% of ‘participants claimed a ‘lack of space’ was their main reason for wanting to move.
Not making use of the dining room   Knocking through the wall of the kitchen which connects to the dining room, and transforming it into a large open kitchen and diner space. The dining room was the least used room of the house, so it’s no surprise that 86% of participants chose to create an open plan kitchen.   
Using the kitchen for numerous purposes Adding a utility room for washing and ironing, freeing up space in the kitchen. 32% of ‘Love It or List It’ participants added a utility room.
Wanting to renovate but having a smaller budget Consider repainting your home and buying new kitchen doors. One household added £20,000 to the value of their home by making these small changes.
The bathroom being too high maintenance  Updating the current bathroom so that it’s more modern, functional and easier to clean.    64% of properties refurbished their bathroom or added an additional bathroom.

Interested in the full findings? They also delve into the:

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