Increasing The Value Of Your Property In 2020

For the first time in two years, house prices have risen in every region of the UK, which spells good news for companies, individuals and investors around the country.

This might be a cause for celebration for many, but with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, no one can predict how long this buoyant housing market will last.

As such, it’s important that property owners focus on enhancing the value of their buildings and creating spaces that will sell.

To help, here are some of our tips on the latest desirable features for your property and the techniques you can use to make it appeal to potential buyers.

Create More Space

Potential buyers are looking for a spacious property, so try to make yours as open as possible. The layout of your property is particularly important, as this will help you to create the space your target buyers desire. Renovation specialists houseUP have extensive experience extending basements, redesigning properties and raising the value of homes throughout Chiswick and the Greater London area. Visit to find out more about the services they offer and how they could raise the value of your property.

Ensure Your Property Is Energy Efficient

Thanks to the climate crisis and growing concern about the impact humans are having on the planet, creating an energy efficient property is now a great way to raise its value. Install double glazing and cover any gaps between door and window frames to reduce drafts. If you want a higher energy rating and more interest in your home, then consider installing sustainable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

Kerb Appeal Is Important

The first impression that every visitor has can make a surprising difference to the value of your home, particularly in 2020, when many new homeowners are keen to have an Instagram-worthy property they can show off. Enhance the façade of your property to make it desirable and increase the value of the entire house.

Incorporate Cutting-Edge Smart Home Technology

In today’s digital society, almost every aspect of your home can be linked to an innovative device, allowing you to keep your home heated, secure and lit at the touch of a button. Show your potential buyers that your home has all the functions they want by installing the latest smart home technologies. These solutions can add value to your home by creating a smart, connected house that discerning buyers will appreciate.

Build An Outdoor Paradise In Your Garden

It’s not just the inside of your home that has an impact on its value; you also need to create an appealing garden, if your property has one. Plant perennial flowers that will return year after year to ensure that you have a constant supply of blooms to encourage potential buyers.

Increasing the value of your property will allow you to achieve incredible return on investment and sell your home faster. This article should help you to create a property that potential buyers will be drawn to and see the value in.

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