Self repairing and solar panelled: The future of roads

Research from car leasing service, Leasing Options.

As we enter 2020, they have been investigating the most exciting technologies currently in development to not only improve our daily commutes but the environment too.

Here, they have taken the famous and recognisable street, Piccadilly Circus and conceptualised how all these technologies may interact and form our roads of the future by the year 2050.

You can explore the interactive version here:

A large building

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How Technology Will Change Our Roads By 2050

The technologies featured in the content are:

  1. Last Kilometre Stations (Electric-Powered Micro-vehicles)
  2. Delivery Drones
  3. Autonomous Vehicle Parking Lots
  4. Sensors EVERYWHERE
  5. On-Demand Public Transport
  6. Solar Panel Roads
  7. Self-Repairing Roads
  8. Electric Charging Stations

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