10 DIY Tasks Brits Plan to Tackle This Bank Holiday (According to Google)

With a four-day bank holiday weekend just around the corner, many Brits may use this time to get to grips with the difficult DIY projects they’ve been putting off.

So, to help Insulation Express, have uncovered which intermediate DIY tasks have had the biggest rise in Google Searches compared to last year.

Not only does this research highlight which DIY tasks Brits are planning to complete this bank holiday but it suggests that self-isolation is turning Britain into a nation of natural DIY-ers, as they try to tackle intermediate tasks they wouldn’t have this time last year.

The findings can be found below in a table:

Revealed: Top 10 DIY Tasks Brits Plan to Tackle This Bank Holiday
PositionGoogle Search – ‘How to’Rise in Google Searches Since Last Year*Financial Saving of DIY
1Tile around a window+7,300% £750
2Re-grout tiles+7,100% £250
3Change a light fixture+6,300% £100
4Remove mould from walls+4,700% £250
5Fit an electric shower+4,300%£500
6Make a fire pit+3,900%£155
7Remove skirting boards+3,800%£400
8Paint kitchen cupboards+3,500%£600
9Paint floorboards+164%£234
10Slate a roof+95%£190

 *Data is compared from April 7th 2019 to April 4th 2020.

Expert Comments

In addition, Insulation Express have consulted with home décor expert, DIY Blonde®,who revealed that:

You should encourage your teenagers to get involved with DIY during self-isolation this bank holiday weekend

“If you have teenagers, it is really important to encourage them to have a go at basic DIY. These small activities may not seem much, but knowing how to fix and adapt to the household is a great start on the road to adulthood. Without even realising, at school they would have been taught some basic DIY techniques like sewing on a button or wiring a plug, so there is no reason to not put these new skills into practice at home.”

You can use this time to make your house a home

“By the age of 30, chances are that you’re in your ‘forever’ home (rented or bought), so the need to be able to carry out some DIY is essential. Not only will you be saving money through DIY, but it will inspire you to be creative with the décor in your home – having the freedom to change a room scheme whenever you desire. That’s why it’s good to utilise this time for simple DIY projects such as painting a wall or hanging a picture.”

Focusing on rewarding tasks will give you a sense of achievement in self-isolation “Projects such as attempting to restore furniture can often feel like a drag, but the sense of achievement you will feel when you have fixed the furniture is surprisingly satisfying. What’s more, the main benefit of expanding your DIY repertoire, is that it encourages you to stay active and it will keep your mind young.”

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