Establishing the blueprint for vehicle and pedestrian safety at COVID-19 testing centres

In partnership with universities, research institutes and companies, the government is aiming to open 50 regional drive-through sites across the country providing coronavirus testing facilities for frontline workers, by the end of April.

Two of these testing stations, which are already in operation at Cardiff City Stadium in Leckwith and at Twickenham rugby stadium in Surrey, have seen plant and welfare specialists Garic team up with safety specialists SafeSite Facilities to establish the blueprint for how vehicle and pedestrian traffic should be safely managed at these sites.

Almost a kilometre of SafeSite WonderWall Barriers, 200 self-weighted traffic cones, zebra crossings and speed bumps have been installed at each testing centre to control traffic flow in and out of the facilities. The WonderWall safety barriers provide robust protection, in a self-supporting system, combining endurance with ease of use. These barriers, which are compliant with national traffic works safety standards, are being used to demarcate traffic lanes in and out of each testing point, and to mark out safe washing and change zones for nurses.

Built to endure extreme conditions, particularly high winds, it is important that the WonderWall Barriers are portable so that they can be quickly reconfigured for any lane changes that may be required – for instance if waiting traffic needs to be redirected. The traffic cones, used at various points around the testing facilities, are helping to make pedestrian traffic aware of trip hazards, such as safety fencing feet, and to ensure social distancing.

Commenting on its role in the two installations, Andy Archer, Sales Manager, SafeSite Facilities said: “We’re incredibly proud to have played a part in helping to set up these critical COVID-19 testing facilities, and that our safety configuration and choice of barrier system has since become the benchmark for how other NHS testing sites are being set up. Like all businesses, we’ve had to take measures to protect our staff and customers from coronavirus yet, despite these challenges, within 24 hours of receiving the initial enquiry, we had an eight-man team mobilised and on-site installing the traffic management systems in Cardiff and Twickenham. With portable testing likely to be rolled out wider over the coming weeks, we would like to reassure our existing customers, and new ones, that we are well stocked and ready to support this crucial public health demand.”

Garic has also provided welfare facilities for the COVID-19 testing centres including fresh water units, waste and fuel tanks, flushing toilets, urinals, hand dryers, heating, lighting and power generators.

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