10 Things to Look for When Choosing The Right CIPP Liner Manufacturer

Choosing the right CIPP liner manufacturer is a crucial decision you need to make when sourcing for CIPP liners. The quality of the CIPP liners you ordered is majorly dependent on the type of manufacturer, which is why you must choose the right one. Below are ten things to look for when selecting the right CIPP liner manufacturer.

1.         Quality of Raw Material

When considering a CIPP Liner supplier, you should keep an eye out for the quality of the raw materials your potential manufacturer uses in making their CIPP liners.

If the manufacturers use quality and durable materials, automatically, you get high-quality CIPP liners. However, if they don’t, then there are high chances that the CIPP liners you get might be of lower quality and less durable.

The quality of the materials used in manufacturing the CIPP liners is one of the top signs for identifying the right manufacturer. To be sure of this, you can request to visit the manufacturer’s factory to see first-hand the production materials.

2.         Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process adopted by a manufacturer is another way of knowing and choosing the right manufacturer. The right CIPP liner manufacturers would make use of a standard manufacturing process.

The production process shouldn’t be rushed, and they will also ensure that they follow all due diligence and safety guidelines. By observing the manufacturing processes and procedures of your would-be manufacturer, you would know whether they are the right company to handle your order or not.

3.         Product Quality

The quality of the CIPP liners you buy is paramount; this is why you need to be sure that the manufacturer you choose can and will deliver high-quality products.

The quality of CIPP liners would also affect your relationship with your customers and clients, whether you be a CIPP liner retailer or a CIPP liner technician. To ensure that the CIPP liners that your manufacturer supplies are of high quality, carry out a stress-test on the liners to evaluate the condition before accepting them.

4.         Manufacturer’s Credibility and Reliability

Another significant thing to consider when selecting the right CIPP liner manufacture is credibility and reliability. The right manufacturer is credible enough to source quality building materials to produce quality liners.

They should also be transparent in their business transactions and reliable enough to vouch for the products manufactured under their management. You will need a reputable manufacturer that will not disappoint on delivery days, and that is always accessible for any inquiries or concerns.

5.         Customer Service

It is not enough to have just any liner manufacturer at your beck and call. Your would-be manufacturer should be ready to forge a qualitative yet professional relationship with you.

You should choose a CIPP liner manufacturer who would be ready to provide top-notch customer service. Your needs should be important to the manufacturer; this is the true meaning of partnership.

The right choice of the manufacturer should be able to share knowledge and request feedback on how to serve your professional needs better.

6.         Specific CIPP Liners you Need

Your ideal cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner manufacturer should be able to provide varieties of liners that you would require. They should be able to provide all three types of lining resins- polyester, vinyl, and epoxy, without too much difficulty.

If your choices of lining resins are limited, it can also limit your operations, which in turn can affect your sales or service delivery.

7.         Budget

When trying to choose the right CIPP liner manufacturer, you should compare the price offers from all your potential manufacturers. The right manufacturer should be able to supply high-quality products for you at a relative price (not too low or too high, just the right price).

Before negotiating a price, first calculate all the costs involved and the profit value. The subsequent analysis after the price calculation would determine the right amount to offer the manufacturer.

8.         Production Capacity and Facility Size

When choosing the right manufacturer, you need to consider the manufacturer’s facility size. The reason is that the factory size would most likely affect the manufacturer’s production capacity.

If you would be ordering CIPP products in large quantities from the manufacturer, you need to be sure the manufacturer can produce the number you need; this would help you avoid disappointment.

9.         Competition

Another essential factor to consider when trying to choose the right manufacturer is competition. You can’t eliminate business competition, but you can determine how to reduce the effect of competition on your business.

If your potential manufacturer can’t guarantee the delivery of the exact quantity and quality of products, you need at any point in time due to conflicting interests, especially ones involving your competition, it is better to avoid such a manufacturer. Instead, go for a manufacturer that would be loyal to your brand.

10.  Capable Production Team

The right manufacturer for your use should have a capable production team. Some of the questions you need to ask include: do they have the necessary machinery to produce quality CIPP liners? Is the production team experienced in creating high-quality CIPP liners?

Asking these questions is important because the strength and expertise of the production team determine the quality of the end products.


With many manufacturers available, you need to be well-informed about how to choose the right CIPP liner manufacturer. The tips above would nudge you in the right direction, and help you make an informed decision on the best CIPP liner manufacturer to supply CIPP liners.

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