Advice from Local Roofers About Choosing the Right Material

There are various reasons why you need to get your roof replaced, some may want to do a refurbishment of the house because they want an upgrade, while others want to sell their house and need to get everything in tip-top shape before letting the buyers in. whatever the reason for getting your roof updated, it is worth every penny to do so.

Not checking or replacing your roof at the first sign of damage will cost you a whole lot more when the whole thing collapses or caves in. Things such as water leaks, or missing shingles can cause major damage to the internal area and start leaking through it into your lounge or inside the home or in the bedrooms where you sleep. Read all about the consequences here.

Soon, due to the weight and the weakening of the material, the roof will get worse and start to mold or crack and this can end up with a huge hole that will then need to be fixed by a professional and can take up to a few days to complete.

In any case, when you are up to refurbishing your home and want to keep the authenticity of your house by choosing the type of roof that complements the architectural style of the exterior place or your neighborhood in Maryland, there are a few common materials that are typically used.

Let’s take a look at your options.

Flat Roofs or Green Spaces. If you’re going for the modern-day look of having a green space on your rooftop. You can’t go wrong with a flat option. Nowadays, we all should do our part in trying to contribute to the environment in some way or the other.

Some people choose to recycle, while others choose green spaces. For houses that have the capability for one, every chance should be seized in upgrading the top. There are so many benefits of having a grass top that far outweigh the expenses of one, not to mention it is a lot cheaper to grow greenery on your roof than to have to replace any tiles.

These types of roofs have both social, economic and environmental benefits such as cooling down the building or property, during summer seasons, also known as reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI), plus it can help to manage rainwater during wet seasons, CO2 emissions are also reduced and lots more advantages, not to mention it look aesthetically pleasing as well

Options for a flat structure typically include, either a gravel option or a modified bitumen roofing and sometimes even the single-ply systems such as the energy-efficient EPDM and TRO varieties, all of which reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption, keeping your home nice and cool in summer and warm during winter.

Asphalt Material. The majority of houses you see in the Maryland area have been adorned using asphalt. The reason for this is because not only are they affordable, but they are also good for houses with a slope on their top and a revival or colonial layout.

The more traditional houses that one can see in the urban areas, such as Victorian or gothic architecture usually use wood shakes or timberline on them.

Tile Roofing. These come in a different color, but the most common ones are the red hues. The style originated from the Spanish or Mediterranean architecture and has remained till date, spreading far and wide to any beach town in any country or state.

The warm colors of these tiles can complement any house color too. Normally they would be used on white exteriors but can work just as well on pastels and earthy tones as well. Ranch-style homes, that have slightly sloped-roofs can easily make this transition quickly and easily by hiring out local roofers in the Maryland area to upgrade it for you within no time. 

The tiles can be made from either concrete or clay and are durable and strong enough to last as long as two decades, plus some people prefer different colors too.

The Metal Kind. Last but not least is the metal version of coverings on your dwelling space. If you’re looking for something more affordable, simple, and unique, this would be the go-to.

They are available in a variety of styles too, so you won’t be left without a choice. The stone-coated metal shingles are usually the most recommended amongst a lot of users, but the preference will be yours at the end of the day. It is a very versatile option for most houses.

It is always best to look at your surroundings when choosing the right one, both including your landscape and your neighbour’s houses too.

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