Record month for Permaroof Company during the Corona Virus Crisis

The company Permaroof has announced that in the middle of this crisis they have just achieved their best months of trading activity.

Unlike most businesses that have suffered greatly due to this pandemic, Permaroof had their most successful May and June trading months. Their success has been due to a rapid response to the Corona Virus crisis, whilst continuing to invest and diversify their products and services.

They enjoyed an increase of 26 percent in sales in May, and a shocking 89 percent increase when comparing June 2020 to the previous year. Permaroof are on track for their top annual performance to date, with an estimated 24000 completed orders expected.

Permaroof’s MD Adrian Buttress has been quoted saying:

“Despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic – such as supply issues, merchants closing, and roofing projects being delayed or put on hold – our team has managed to buck the trend and deliver amazing results that are a true testament to the service it offers, as well as the strong relationships we have with customers nationwide.”   

One of the newly launched products that has helped with the companies better than expected data is a cleaning spray that allows customers to disinfect their work environment, whilst increasing their focus on marketing.

Andrew Buttress (MD) continued to mention that

“Clear communication to both staff and customers has been vital. Pushing forward with marketing has allowed us to do this while reinforcing our brand and putting out messages of stock availability at a really important time. I have no doubt that this has been crucial to breaking our sales records during the UK lockdown. 

“I hope that our success proves that there is still opportunity out there for UK SMEs and that the building and construction sector is ready to bounce back and thrive. We’re certainly committed to supporting both the contractors and merchants we work with and hope that the next quarter is as positive for them all.” 

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