Getting the Best Boiler Installation in Edinburgh

For most homes in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, a boiler is a very important device. It is used to supply hot water which is needed for different activities that can include bathing, cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. It is most expedient to have during the cold winter days. You can read up about the city of Edinburgh here.

These devices can last for up to an average of 10 to 15 years without needing a replacement especially if they are well maintained and serviced occasionally. In the end, they are still devices and can develop faults, get broken, or may even reach the end of their lifespan. When any of these happens, owners need to either repair or replace them.

When to Replace Your Boiler

It is Beyond Repair

Boilers are devices that do not need constant repairs and are low maintenance. They may however need to be occasionally serviced. When yours is faulty and the cost to fix it is comparable to buying another one or the need for fixing is becoming too frequent, costing you money each time, it is economically sensible to get a replacement rather than trying to continue to repair it.

It No Longer Meets Your Needs

When your current system is no longer serving its purpose – either it is struggling to heat water or not supplying enough hot water, it may be time to install a new one, preferably one of a higher capacity that will better suit your needs.

Low Energy Efficiency

If your current boiler is resulting in high energy bills for you, then replacing it with one with higher energy efficiency will be of benefit in the long run as it will enable you save more on your energy cost.

Choosing and Installing Boilers

Because of its importance, buying a boiler is sometimes a rushed decision for a lot of people. This is usually the case when their old one is broken down and needs a replacement quickly. Admittedly, it can be a difficult choice to make but one that must be taken seriously as getting things wrong in choosing or installing one could be costly in terms of money and time. To avoid this, you need to choose a company that can handle boiler installation in Edinburgh with efficiency. Before doing this, it is important to know the kinds of boilers available.

Types of Boilers

If you require a boiler, there are several types that you can choose from, they include:


Combi boilers are designed to be highly-efficient because they act as both a supply source for hot water as well as the homes central heating system. They provide instantaneous hot water supply or water-on-demand without the use of tanks. They are compact, easy to install, and take up less space than most other types. They are also safe and clean. To use this, simply turn on the hot water faucet and you get it delivered.


These are also known as sealed system boilers. They are useful for homes with more than average demand and provide heating as well as hot water with the aid of additional storage cylinders. Sealed systems send heat to a radiator and stores hot water in a cylinder making it available when a tap is turned on. They are compact, economical, easy to install, and can provide constant hot water supply even when multiple taps are turned on simultaneously.


They are known as regular boilers, heat only, or open vent. They are designed to supply heating and hot water with the aid of cold water and hot water cylinders. It is suitable for large households and places where lots of people need hot water simultaneously. They are cost-effective and fitted with electrical immersion heaters to serve as a backup in case the boiler breaks down.

What to Consider When Installing a New Boiler

Installing a new system can be expensive so it is important therefore to consider the following factors before going ahead to do so:

Output and Size 

This is one of the first and the main factors to consider. The output in kW will determine its ability to provide you with enough heating and hot water. Whatever you need is dependent on the number of bathrooms and radiators you have. Also, knowing the physical size as well as how and where it will fit into your home is crucial. Things you may need to think about in this regard include how much water you use and how much space you have available.

Energy Efficiency

Buying an A-rated, high energy efficiency system will enable you to save on energy and reduce energy wastage. Some systems come with user-friendly controls that you can use for setting heating preferences which enhance their efficiency.

Where to Locate it in Your Home

Your device can be installed anywhere in your home though it is advisable to locate it where it will not negatively impact your home and its appearance. It is usually suitable and also time and money-saving to place a new system where an older one was. It makes installation quick and easy as structures are already in place, requiring less effort to complete the installation. If however you prefer another location, you can go ahead and choose a suitable one before buying and installing.


As noted earlier, boilers last for over 10 years but that is if you own a reliable brand. A reliable brand will save you from the cold, stress and cost of repairs or early replacement. You can get reliable ones by talking to trustworthy heating and plumbing professionals in Edinburgh who have experience and knowledge in this field. You can find useful tips in this article about getting the best installation

Talking to Experts

Getting the opinion of an expert heating system engineer can be beneficial when making your decision. They can survey your home and make a recommendation based on your usage and space.


Edinburgh has a temperate climate where the summers are cool but winters can be long, windy, and extremely cold. You do not want you and your family to get caught out by the cold. It is therefore important to not just install a boiler but seek out reputable hands to help you ensure you get and install an adequate system.

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