Reasons to Buy Used Forklifts for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is full of heavy work, that is for sure. It is also prone to accidents that can result in damaged equipment. With equipment in the construction industry being so highly priced, it is no wonder builders and other tradesmen dread buying new. This is especially the case with forklifts which, when buying new, can cost upwards of £30,000. Like buying a car, however, opting to go for a used forklift can save you a lot of money and can also result in you having a vehicle that is fit for your requirements. This article will explore why construction professionals should opt for used forklifts when it comes to buying anything for heavy material handling. 

Lower Costs Upfront

The most obvious reason is of course lower cost when buying the vehicle. As mentioned in the introduction, buying new can be expensive and doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better unit for your money. If you opt to go for a reliable, trustworthy used forklift dealership that has units that are suitable for construction sites you should definitely consider buying used. Any reputable used forklift dealer will honestly inform you of how your business could benefit from used forklift

Available Parts at Low Costs

When buying new it can be difficult to get spare parts for the unit due to there being less of the model manufactured and therefore less demand. When buying used, however, it is a lot easier to get the parts you need and within a short period of time. This means you will be able to get your unit back up and running without any stressful conversations about how this part isn’t available at this time. Whilst no one wants to buy spare parts such as new tyres, it is inevitably going to happen in the construction industry. So it is best to be prepared and to think about these things when making a buying decision.

No Manufacturing Waiting Period

Working in the construction industry means you need to be fast and responsive. This is another reason why used forklift trucks are the perfect option to buy. When buying new you will be left with a long manufacturing period as the units are typically manufactured especially for you. When buying used, however, you get a perfectly good unit that is ready to use without any down time. So if you’re a building company that does not have a forklift but suddenly requires one for a contract you have won, think about buying a used fork truck before looking at new forklifts as you will get the unit much faster meaning there is no delay for the project. 

Already has High Specs

Often, the best specs come at a cost – especially when buying new. When buying used, however, you will benefit from high specs at low prices as the forklift will already have them included. Often or not within the construction industry you will require a forklift for lifting heavy bricks onto high areas. You may also need one for lifting items onto the back of lorries. If you can do this whilst enjoying a more ergonomic chair thanks to the already installed add-on, you’re onto a winner. 

Lower insurance Premiums

Buying used will mean your unit is valued less in terms of money. It does not mean it is any less valuable to you, however you will benefit from lower insurance premiums due to the lower price tag. As an investment, this is ideal and if you buy from a trusted dealer you will have a forklift that will function for many years. 

 Less Likely to Require More Training

If you have an employee who knows how to operate a forklift, it is best to go with a used model. A used model is more likely easier to operate than used models as they have less new specifications. Buying new may require additional training or at least valuable time being spent reading the manual to understand operation areas of the unit. Whilst it is good to learn how to use new models, it is more efficient and better for time if you already know what you’re doing. This is especially so when you’re buying a forklift under the pressure of a timescale. 

Depreciation Has Already Occured

There is nothing more frustrating than buying something that is expensive for it to only lose value from the second it leaves the showroom. This is why buying used is the best option for anyone working in the construction industry. Depreciation has already occurred so you won’t have to feel the effect of this.

When all said and done, most used forklifts will be in full working condition. They have to pass the LOLER and PUWER inspection so you know they will be safe to use. Be smart when buying equipment for the construction industry and be sure to buy within your own budget.

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