5 Things You Need to Know About Carpet Tiles

Before you decide whether or not carpet tiles are right for you and your home, you need to know important things about it first. First, it’s important to realize the fact that this type of flooring can be both durable and beautiful at the same time. This article will help you understand why you should consider using this type of flooring in your home or commercial space.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are also called square carpets or modular carpets, which are cut from wall to wall rolls, and they’re fitted together to form a carpet. The sizes of carpet tiles are available in 48×48 cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm, and 96×96 cm.

Carpet tiles come in different shapes, such as triangles and hexagons. This type of flooring is installed in restaurants, bars, and other uncomplicated flooring projects.

Now that you know what carpet tiles are, it’s time to know the important details about this type of flooring:

  1. Extremely Durable

Rawson Carpet Solutions explains that one of the most important things you should know about carpet tiles is that they’re extremely durable and hard-wearing. Thus, you don’t have to worry about them rotting in the middle of winter, which can happen with other types of flooring materials. 

If you have children or elderly people living with you, this is a huge advantage that you should consider when it comes to investing in carpet tiles.

  1.  Easy To Clean

In addition to being incredibly durable, carpet tiles are also easy to clean. There’s no need to hire a professional cleaner to do this job, which can be very expensive. 

If you want a simple floor covering that you can keep up with the daily routine and which doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, you should consider using carpet tiles.

  1. Add Style And Class To Your Home

This type of floor covering is also a great way to add some style and class to your home. When you’re looking for floor coverings to use on your property, you should look at carpet tiles and think of all the different styles and colors that they come in. 

With so many different designs available, it shouldn’t be hard to find something that’ll go well with your home decor.

  1. Environmentally Friendly 

Another thing that you need to know about carpet tiles is that they’re also environmentally friendly. In many cases, they’re made from recycled paper, so they’re making their way to your community recycling center. 

Aside from being recyclable, carpet tiles can take a tremendous amount of abuse.

  1. A Cheap Hardwood Floor Alternative 

Finally, you need to understand that carpet tiles are a cheap option compared to hardwood floors. When you’re looking at the benefits that you get when you choose this type of flooring over a traditional one, you’ll see why it’s such a good choice.

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There are also no additional health risks associated with using carpet tiles, unlike hardwood flooring installation since it uses finishing with volatile organic compounds (VOC), as long as you follow the proper installation process.

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Carpet Tiles

When choosing carpet tiles, it’s important to take into account a number of important factors. It’s important that you choose and install a carpet tile that suits the area, you’re placing the carpet on and the decor in your home. 

When looking for carpeting, here are some considerations you need to keep in mind: 

  • Color: First of all, when selecting carpet tiles, it’s important to consider the color of the carpeting. If the room is small, it can be used to give a room a sleek and elegant look. To add dimension to the room, you should consider using a darker colored carpet.
  • Style: It’s important to consider the style of carpet tiles you decide upon. A good example of this is carpet tiles with an embossed look. There are also other styles such as solid-colored carpet tiles and also some carpet tiles with a pattern on the carpet. 

If you have any allergies, you may want to ensure that you don’t pick carpet tiles with a pattern.

  • Type Of Carpet Tiles: It’s important to consider the type of carpet tiles you’re going to use in your home. You should try and get carpet tiles that’ll look good in any type of decor. 

Carpet tiles come in a wide range of colors and textures. As mentioned above, there are some tiles with patterns on them, but they can still be made in other shapes and sizes.


There are plenty of good reasons to choose carpet tiles, and you just learned the five important things about this type of flooring. Carpet tiles are extremely durable and they’re also easy to clean, adding class and style in your lovely home. 

Also, carpet tiles are environmentally friendly and more affordable option than hardwood flooring.

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