Award winning design wows at Waterloo

Image Credit to: Luke O’Donovan

A series of bold benches designed by emerging architects and designers have been unveiled this week at some of London’s largest railway stations, following a design competition organised by the London Festival of Architecture and Network Rail.  

The collaborative project brought together architect Nick Tyrer, garden designer Victoria Philpott, material supplier James Latham and fabricator Raskl who together created the Lacuna bench.  

Stuart Devoil, group marketing director at?Lathams, said:? 

“We love working with designers and craftspeople because they often utilise our products in unique and interesting ways. This is no exception. When Nick selected?Garnica?Duraply?for this project we knew that it would be perfect for what he needed.? 

“It performs well in a high-moisture environment and is very easy to machine and shape, resulting in the beautiful curves created for this planter bench.? 

“This versatility, alongside the product’s robustness and attractive finish, make it well suited to the rigours of a station environment and will bring a touch of the outdoors onto the concourse.” 

The concept behind the bench was to create a respite from the hectic energy of the busy station. The organic shape contrasts the hard, straight lines of the surroundings, providing a feeling of escape into a more natural space.?The planters, which wrap around each seat, obscure the peripheral vision, not only hiding fellow bench users from one another, but adding to the sense of enclosure and intimacy in each seat.? The users sit with their backs to one another, providing a comfortable seat which adheres to ergonomic principles, and instilling this sense of privacy.? 

The layered plywood used for the outer shell is textural and tactile. It retains its pale wood colour, adding to the natural feel of the bench, and the layered veneer gives an interesting patterned finish.?The natural feel is emphasised with the simple and calming planting palate of greens and white, whilst their tactile and sensual qualities enhance the feeling of escapism.?? 

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