Local communities reap the benefits of framework success

More than 50 grass roots projects across the UK have received funding as part of LHC’s Community Benefit Fund.

As part of LHC’s commitment to helping public authorities deliver value back to the community. This year £1.3 million has been reinvested across the UK, including £325,000 specifically allocated to community impact schemes, an almost 50% increase on last year.

As a not-for-profit consortium, LHC returns surplus to contracting authorities that have used its frameworks via the Community Benefit Fund to reinvest in local organisations, charities and projects. LHC’s five hubs, South West Procurement Alliance (SWPA)Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA)Welsh Procurement Alliance (WPA)Consortium Procurement Construction (CPC) and LHC London and South East, work with an independent Community Benefit Fund manager to help match authorities priorities to local charities.

LHC London and South East has granted almost £119,000 from its Community Benefit Fund to projects that address community wellbeing and empowerment, food poverty, social isolation, employment and the environment.

The members of the SWPA region allocated its £10,000 funds to local organisations that support diversity including the BAME community, older people and those with learning disabilities. It also contributed to charities that support people with mental health issues and young people who are affected by disadvantaged backgrounds, domestic violence or additional caring responsibilities.

Now in its third year, SPA’s Community Benefit Fund distributed £130,000 among 13 projects to tackle social isolation, mental health, employability activities and the development of a community hub. SPA works with the Lintel Trust, the only charity in Scotland to focus on the provision of small grants to help community projects.

In Wales, WPA distributed £60,000 to projects that help to build community cohesion and reduce isolation of vulnerable members of society. It also focused on organisations that help to improve the health and wellbeing of low-income families.

Further information about the projects that have received funding via the Community Benefit Fund can be found in LHC’s latest annual report. The report also outlines the number and type of projects LHC frameworks have been used on, its approach to MMC and provides an update on the newest, best performing and upcoming public sector frameworks.

A total of 721 projects were procured through LHC frameworks in 2019/20, at a total value of almost £350 million, and generating £1.3 million in rebates to LHC’s public sector partners.

To download the latest annual report visit the new LHC website: www.lhc.gov.uk/annual-review

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