What Is OSB Board Used For

Most people understand what plywood is and often opt for it for renovation and DIY projects, but do they really know more about OSB. What defines this board, and what is OSB used for? Should you opt for the OSB rather than plywood, or are these two types of sheet materials utilized in different projects altogether?

That is what we want to dive into this write-up. Continue reading below for more insights.

What is OSB boards?

If you have ever wondered, what is an osb board, OSB is initials for Oriented Strand Board. The sheet material is engineered from compressed layers of wood chippings using wax and synthetic resin. OSB has been around for the last half a decade, and as opposed to the other boards, the wood strands in every layer are arranged strategically rather than randomly to give the board strength, and one board can consist of more than 50 layers of wood!

Thanks to its strength, OSB is now used in over 70% of all wall, roof sheathing, and flooring in N. America. There are two main kinds of OSB; OSB2 and OSB 3.

OSB2 is ideal for structural, non-bearing applications in dry parts, while OSB3 is suitable for structural, load-bearing applications in humid conditions.

Best Uses for OSB Boards

So, what is OSB wood used for? Here is an in-depth review.

  1. Used As Flooring Materials

Though there are various types of flooring materials such as tiles, wooden boards, and plywood, OSB is the best. But, the choice will depend on your preference. If you like a wooden floor, OSB would be the best option since it is relatively cheaper compared to wooden boards. Nevertheless, some homeowners go for hardwood and tiles since they are durable-it all melts down to what you want.

  1. Used As Wall Materials

Like the other materials such as plywood, hardwoods, and concrete, OSB is used to make walls. Though OSB is less strong compared to hardwood and concrete, it can significantly minimize the cost of construction or renovation. Another benefit is that it makes the room look more natural.

  1. Roof Sheathing

Most people opt for seamed metal, cedarwood, and corrugated metals. However, OSB completes this list since it will make your rooms look more natural. It is also the best option if you are operating with a shoestring budget as it is inexpensive compared to the other materials. However, there is a caveat; OSB boards absorb moisture and bulge and therefore are prone to weather elements. However, to avoid this problem, you can treat your OSB board using water-resistant materials.

  1. Making Furniture

OSB comes in handy in making furniture pieces like tables and chairs. Plywood is also used to make this furniture, but the furniture may appear dull and need constant painting. To solve this issue, OSB is the best alternative as it doesn’t need painting.

Selecting the Best OSB

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OSB is, without a doubt, the best alternative for plywood and other sheet materials if you are operating with a shoestring budget. Now that you know what is OSB used for, you can order your OSB for your construction/DIY needs.

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