Benefits Of Stone Worktops

When it comes to kitchen worktops, stone is fast becoming one of the most popular materials out there. More and more people around the world are now abandoning the more traditional materials such as wood and laminate in favour of natural stone. Whether you’re looking for a completely raw natural stone such as marble or granite, or a more manufactured stone such as quartz, the benefits are abundantly clear. Today we are looking at the benefits of natural stone worktops in your kitchens and bathrooms and showing you why so many are now choosing stone in favour of anything else.

Low Maintenance

Let it be said that stone is one of the most easily maintained worktops out there. More often than not they require a simple wipe down with a cloth and warm water. Cleaning and maintenance are virtually minimal. While there are certain options, such as granite that require annual professional sealant, there are numerous others that need nothing at all. Take a look at quartz for instance, quartz is a man-made stone. It’s crafted from stone and a resin mixture that creates a totally non-porous material needing only a wipe down at best, to keep it hygienic, clean and looking its best.

Can Increase Property Value

Stone worktops aren’t just easy to look after, they’re also a fantastic investment, allowing people to not only enjoy a stunning feature in the home but benefit in terms of property value too. With such high-end aesthetics and low levels of maintenance, they’ve become incredibly attractive and as such, have become a real selling point in any property. If they’re well looked after, many find their value isn’t lost over the years either.


Stone worktops are very hard wearing. Granted, while some are more hard wearing than others, there are a great deal that can handle heat, chemicals and much more, making the scrapes and bumps that often occur in a busy household like water off a duck’s back. Stop worrying about heavy crockery and spilt milk (literally) because stone worktops like quartz will repel even the darkest of wines, leaving you with pristine surfaces, virtually blemish-free.

Enjoy Non-Porous Surfaces

Once again, quartz worktops are mentioned here however it’s not alone, other materials such as Corian and Tristone also boast non-porous features. These natural stone and chemical resin mixes are extremely tough and as such can stand up to even the toughest stains out there. Being non-porous also makes them incredibly hygienic as they won’t harbour bacteria and germs like other materials can.

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Let’s face it, natural stone worktops are quite simply stunning. There is no other material that produces such an attractive aesthetic so it’s no wonder that they’re becoming as popular as they are.
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