Why Choose Marble Worktops Over Quartz Worktops

When it comes to the kitchen worktop, it can feel like there are endless choices. When you’ve gone through your own wants and needs, it can often come down to two simple options and quite often, we find people discussing the pros and cons of marble and quartz. Which one would be the best option? Today we’re looking at the benefits of Marble worktops over Quartz worktops and why it could be the perfect option for you.


When it comes to appearance, both marble worktops and quartz worktops deliver however, there’s a very clear distinction between the two. Marble is of course an all natural stone. It’s entirely unique and raw. It’s quarried, sliced, water blasted, buffed and polished into the finished slabs we see in kitchens and bathrooms all around the world. 

While quartz is hand-made from a stone and resin mix, it’s quite simply that – man-made. There is nothing that will be the natural and raw appearance of marble. What’s more, it’s completely unique in its markings, which means no one else will have the same marble worktop as you, ever. If you’re looking for elegance, originality and sheer beauty, then Marble worktops will always win, hands down.

Resale Value

Quartz and marble worktops both offer great effects in terms of resale value. They’re both quality worktops that can help boost not only your home’s appeal but your home’s value too. That being said, Marble worktops are more expensive which makes them more appealing when it comes to resale value. Marble is synonymous with high-end quality and luxury living which is certainly something you want your property associated with when it’s on the market.


There have been reports in the past which have linked the emission of radon from natural and manufactured stone, with quartz being one such product which is said to emit this gas. While quartz emits almost no radon, marble emits zero radon emissions. It’s a clear, hands down winner in this respect.

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