Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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These Simple Steps Will Make Winter Season So Much Warmer.

Winter is here, and it is important to make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. Make the most of your home’s warmth and cosiness, it is necessary by ensuring that all systems work properly and the heat isn’t escaping from the house. Plumr, a South London heating and plumbing company, shares their top 5 pieces of advice on how to prepare home for winter and spend the season stress-free!

Arrange Annual Servicing for Your Boiler

Nowadays, most boilers are very durable and function for many years, given proper servicing yearly. Most boilers have warranties or a buyer’s guarantee for the first few years, although the terms may include obligatory annual boiler servicing to ensure all systems are functioning correctly. Annual boiler servicing is different from safety checks because it inspects absolutely all boiler performance details: leaks, corrosion, inner parts, and testing any dangerous fumes. Performing this procedure once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer will save the homeowner from any major issues if the boiler breaks down unexpectedly. 

Insulate Hot-Water Pipes

A burst hot water pipe is a nightmare for any homeowner, but it can become a true disaster in the winter season, leaving the house without hot water (or water in general) for days. Apart from that, burst pipes can also damage electric systems, floors, and ceilings. Although many think of bursting pipes imagining water gushing out of a massive hole in the side of a pipe, burst pipes actually may not show any symptoms for a long time. Pipes are more prone to bursting in the winter, so it is crucial to revise all systems before the cold strikes. If a burst still happens, Plumr offers 24-hour emergency plumbing services in South London. 

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As the statistics show, domestic fires peak in the winter months, when many people use fuel-burning devices and their houses are closed up tight to conserve heat. The UK government’s data indicates that domestic fire incidents are most frequent in December, between 6 pm and 8 pm. To avoid any incidents, it is essential to check all alarm systems before the season begins – and spend these winter months with no extra stress.

Check Roof Insulation

Proper roof insulation may help homeowners save up to £395 per year. Almost a quarter of a home’s heat can escape through the roof, putting extra pressure on the heating systems (and homeowners budget too!) Optimising the systems and putting some additional insulation layer to the roof may solve the problem of drafts and winter breezes getting into the house for years.

Consider Using Heavier Curtains

The roof isn’t the only way heat escapes. Statistics show, around 40% of the heat escapes from homes is from uncovered windows. Heavier curtains are just a small step to make a house more energy efficient: they will properly insulate windows by limiting where hot air can get out and will also block the cold drafts from getting in.

These easy-to-implement and straightforward steps will help homeowners to enjoy this winter season in their warm, cosy homes, spending time with family and friends, and leaving any house-related stress behind

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