How to Bring Charm to Your House’s Exterior

Improving the charm of your home’s exterior is pivotal for the first impression that your home makes. Second, the majority of exterior upgrades also improve the energy-efficiency of your home. It means that it might even create a solid ROI. For those who might consider selling their place and relocating in the nearest future, it’s important to stress out how most of these upgrades increase the resale value of the place, as well. Overall, bringing charm to your house’s exterior is an idea that benefits you in many different ways. Here are several ways how.

  1. Redo your façade

Those who are willing to invest in improving their home’s exterior really can’t go wrong with redoing their façade. There are many different ideas you can try out here. For instance, you can just repaint it or invest more heavily to give it a more textured look. Keep in mind that the façade needs to be in agreement with the rest of your home and your property for that matter. So, try to visualize the entirety of the end results in time.

  1. Invest in your roof

Another thing you need to consider is investing in the restoration of your roof. While this is an expensive upgrade, now it might be the right time to think about it. Why? Well, the demand for roofing crews and materials is lower than ever before. Due to COVID-19, the roof covering market dropped by 20%. A low demand lowers the price, which is why, by the time you plan all of this out and do the budgeting, the prices may enter the range that you find acceptable. Other than just being a valuable surface for your home’s exterior, it’s also a functional upgrade that keeps your house safe and boosts its energy-efficiency.

  1. Pressure washing

The next idea is to consider pressure washing your façade. It is a cheap and efficient manner that always gives the desired result. Simply put, a pressure washer is relatively inexpensive to hire, especially for a day, and it can scrub years and even decades of dirt from your home’s walls. Keep in mind that your walls aren’t the only thing that you can wash. While you have the pressure washer, you should also consider washing the driveway. A pressure washer can do wonders with the concreate. It is also what makes it a good idea for washing the sidewalk next to your home.

  1. Rendering and cladding

That is one of the most expensive ideas in terms of enhancing the charm of your home’s exterior. However, it also makes it more resistant to rain, hailstorm and snow. That is something that you do once, and the impressive results remain to return years and years in the future. There are various house rendering techniques, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Each rendering drastically changes the exterior of your home, which is yet another thing to take into consideration. Traditional cement rendering is one of the most sparing options, yet, it is still quite fruitful.

  1. Landscaping

A single tree in your front yard can increase the resale value of the home by several thousand dollars. Still, it might take ages for a tree to fully matures. So, what are some ideas that may give you an instant reward? Instead of trees, you can consider various sorts of shrubs. The effect can be just as impressive. Raised flower beds in your front yard are also known to give a majestic result. Then, there’s the matter of providing your garden with privacy in one of several ways. You can build a fence, or you can plant a hedge. Lastly, having a well-maintained lawn can make all the difference in the world.

  1. Installing new windows

Another thing you need to consider is replacing your external windows. Before you proceed, you need to understand two things. First, replacing windows is a crucial investment, but it’s an investment that pays itself off. According to some estimates, new double-glazing windows can save $200 – $300 per year. Still, this depends on the overall energy-efficiency of your home and the climate in the area. The overall impression of your home will be quite remarkable, as well. A new façade won’t look nearly as impressive with old windows still in place.

  1. Numerous minor details

There are so many little things you can do, in order to enhance the impression that the exterior of your home makes. For instance, you can start by buying a custom home number in order to set your home apart. Then, you can get yourself a new mailbox. Lastly, you can enhance your door with an item as simple and inexpensive as a wreath. All in all, investments in these details definitely won’t make a dent in your budget, but they do have a way of making a difference.

  1. Focus on the entryway

Lastly, you need to transform your entryway into a portal to another realm – a realm where you are the absolute sovereign. There are several fascinating ideas to explore here. You can start by improving your walkway or stairs with some paving stones. Also, you can repaint your front door and do some detailing on it. A new lock is both a security measure and an aesthetic upgrade, which means that it’s an investment that rewards you double-fold.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, you need to understand that improving your home’s exterior isn’t a single action or even a single project. Like creating a masterpiece, it’s a matter of doing many small things right. Now, the majority of the above-listed upgrades aren’t exactly small, and by trying to do them all at once, you might seriously dent your budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all at once. Seeing as how the effects of some of these projects last for years and decades, you can feel free to schedule these works over the course of the next several years. This way, you get to execute this plan as painlessly as possible.

Author bio:

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a content creator, but her ultimate passion is design and creation. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner. Follow her on Twitter.

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